Swimply, an “Airbnb for Pools”, earns some pool owners $ 10,000 per month

Not that long ago, if someone had told you that just owning a swimming pool in your backyard could bring in a six figure income, you would have thought it was out of reach. But some pool owners are now swimming in the dough.

Swimply, an app that allows homeowners to rent their pools by the hour, has reportedly received 122,000 reservations since the start of 2020, supercharged by recreation enthusiasts who crave space to stretch out.

The backyard is a big business

Some 13,000 hosts in 125 U.S. markets rent their pools through Swimply for $ 35 to $ 50 per hour, with local families being the main clientele:

  • Hosts earn an average of $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 a month, according to COO Asher Weinberger. One host, who has welcomed 2,700 guests since September, is on track to bring in $ 110,000 by the end of the summer. Swimply’s revenue comes from a 15% discount levied on hosts and another 10% discount on guests.
  • The extra income has helped many pool owners keep their heads above water amid a historic chlorine shortage. Prices are expected to rise 70% this summer, according to financial analysis firm IHS Markit, after already doubling in some places last year. In the Las Vegas area, for example, the price of a 50-pound bucket of chlorine has already dropped from $ 75 to $ 85 to $ 140.

Fun in the sun, but not fun to run: While swimming pools can be bliss for those who swim or lounge on an inflatable float, owning a pool is not a picnic. Due to the risk of property damage, personal injury or even drowning, Swimply offers Host Liability Insurance with coverage up to $ 1 million. And about 80% of hosts stay home when they rent out their pools in an attempt to mitigate potentially serious risks.

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