Switching Offline Events to Virtual Events for Businesses Tames $ 5.5 Million Funding Round – TechCrunch

As of March 2020, Tame had a digital event suite for offline corporate events. But with the pandemic striking, it has made a difficult pivot in providing a highly customizable virtual event platform primarily used by businesses for their sales events. The result is that he has now raised a round of funding of $ 5.5 million, a big round for his native Denmark, led by VF Venture (The Danish Growth Fund), with byFounders and three big angels: Mikkel Lomholt ( CTO and co-founder, Planday); Sune Alstrup (ex-CEO and co-founder, The Eye Tribe); and Ulrik Lehrskov Schmidt.

The investment will be used to increase from 20 to 60 new employees in Copenhagen, London and Krakow; expand to UK; and increase income.

Founder Jasenko Hadzic, CEO and Co-Founder, said the Virtual Pivot increased revenue “by 700% organically last year. No sales. No marketing. Organically. Therefore, Tame sees a huge opportunity and will do everything to develop aggressively to position itself as a market leader. ”

Jacob Bratting Pedersen, Partner of VF Venture, said: “At VF Venture, we want to contribute to development and innovation. The crown[virus] The crisis has brought digital momentum, and here Danish IT entrepreneurs have the opportunity to seize this agenda and bring Danish technology and expertise to the global market. Tame is a very good example. Tame has great potential to build a strong global business for the benefit of growth and jobs in Denmark.

Hadzic himself is already successful – he eventually made it into the tech industry after arriving in Denmark as a refugee child from war-torn Bosnia during the Yugoslav civil war.

But don’t confuse Tame with a Hopin. Hadzic told me, “We are not interested in TechCrunch Disrupt as a client, nor in the big shows. We just want to focus on the businesses that we sell to a marketing department or an HR department.

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