Taavo Somer can make anything cool, even golf

In other words, Mr. Somer has made a career of making the inevitable improbable. Now he’s betting he can bring the cool, now older crowd to golf.

“Is it a game or a sport? Mr. Somer, 48, said on a sweltering Friday last month, gazing from a grassy hill at the winding nine-hole golf course at Inness, his reinvention of a country club in the Hudson Valley town of Accord, NY

The 220-acre resort includes a clubhouse (actually an elegant farm-to-table restaurant with Scandinavian brutalist furniture), 14 duplex cabins, a 12-room hotel in rustic colonial style, two water pools salty, two tennis courts and a golf course designed by King Collins of Chattanooga, Tenn., whom Mr. Somer described as the “bad boys of golf”.

But it’s not a country club. “I never felt comfortable with all the bankers in country clubs,” said Mr. Somer, dressed like a gardener in grimy rolled-up jeans and a sweat-soaked black T-shirt and cap.

Mr. Somer, in fact, does not play golf. “I have never even touched a club,” he said.

“What I connect with is that it looks like a park,” he added. “It may be naive, but I think one of the great draws for golfers on a golf course is the natural environment. I think this also happens with fishing or hunting. You can’t just go for a walk in a park as a guy. You have to say, “Oh listen, I killed that deer, I hit that ball.” You have to be productive. “

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