Take a look at the HOTELette Dallas, among the fanciest Airbnbs in town

by Allison Crawford Instagram Feed immediately transports you to a world where the rules of fantasy and bright colors dominate. The mix of personal posts, travel inspiration and past work won’t surprise you, as founder of Allison Crawford Design, she’s made a name for herself with living spaces that function as eye candy from the millennial and seem to be born for the squares on the application.

Crawford has taken its chic aesthetic beyond personal spaces (and the internet) and translated them into experiences for the stylish traveler. In the summer of 2017, she created a line of design-centric Airbnbs dubbed HOTELette. First opened in Nashville and then Austin, Crawford launched her Dallas Airbnb 15 months ago after her friend Brittany Cobb opened the brick and mortar Flea Style in Deep Ellum.

We wanted to be in multiple markets so people would go to one and then for their next girly trip they would want to stay in another…” says Crawford. “Brittany opened this store and I was like, ‘let me look further into Dallas. I think there are a lot of creative entrepreneurs out there who are starting businesses and really thriving.

Although they all have similar feels, each property elicits the unique personality of their respective city. The Dallas property, tucked away in Bishop Arts, is bold. A 1930s cottage with a sophisticated black and white base is complemented by accents in color, ranging from cobalt blue to yellow. And because of the house moldings, intricate ceiling work, and white-painted wood, Crawford felt inspired by Parisian design when adding decor to the home. She incorporated a slew of fashionable yet feminine artwork.

This Airbnb isn’t Crawford’s first contact with Dallas. Receiving her high school diploma from SMU, she lived in Uptown as a young adult. While working on a business marketing project, she was flipping houses and redoing her own condo, which led her to start Allison Crawford Design as an LLC so she could qualify for business discounts.

Alyssa Rosenheck

She soon began to focus solely on her interior design project, which brought her to Los Angeles for Design Week in 2016. She stayed at a lackluster Airbnb in West Hollywood, which made her led to ask, “Why isn’t there a collection of design-centric Airbnbs across multiple markets that fill a gap between boutique hotels and common Airbnbs? » A year later, HOTELette was launched.

Today, nearly three years after the company was founded, Crawford continues to consider expanding into other markets, both domestic and international. On March 25, Crawford and her family move to Paris for her husband’s job, and while she has to dig into county rules and regulations before dropping a French edition of HOTELette, she promises to shop the markets. at the Parisian flea market for its existing properties. This bodes especially well for the Dallas property, which is already a small piece of Parisian luxury.

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