Taking inspiration from Jack Harlow and Harry Styles, men are starting to stack earrings

It’s a great the time of men’s earrings.

Like most of fashion world, earrings are no longer bound by gender norms. Stylish male celebrities like Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, Lewis Hamilton and even Harrison Ford are proving the power of ear candy, pairing earrings with casual outfits and red carpet looks. Even better, we see guys wearing all kinds of earrings, from subtle studs to bold, dangling chandeliers.

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Of course, musicians (especially rappers) have been trending in earrings for decades, with artists like Tupac, LL Cool J and Ludacris all showing sparkles in their ears on album covers and music videos. But now things are changing and you don’t have to be famous to wear some of the best earrings for men. Plus, earrings are generally more affordable than bracelets, necklaces, and rings, making them a budget-friendly way to add an edge to your wardrobe.

Types of men’s earrings

Before choosing the right earrings for yourself, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main varieties of earrings and how men wear them.

For the most part, you will see men wearing studs, chandeliers, hugs and hoops. The studs are pretty understated (unless you opt for sparkling diamond or CZ studs) and add shine to casual outfits.

Chandeliers (the hanging kind) are hugely on-trend right now and work well with dressy looks – whether it’s ultra-baggy jeans and a fun going-out t-shirt or suit.

Huggies and Hoops are quite similar: Huggies “hug” the earlobe while Hoops leave room. Both are great choices as everyday earrings because they work with just about any outfit.

Also be sure to note whether you are purchasing a single earring or a set of two earrings when shopping.

You will also want to consider the material of the earrings. Obviously, there’s gold and silver, both of which are must-haves for many guys. Some people say you should check your veins to find out what metal color suits you best (if you have bluer veins, wear silver; if you have greener veins, go gold), but most people can wear both gold and silver. Then there are more adventurous options like pearls and cubic zirconia (CZ) or diamonds, all of which are great options in today’s jewelry landscape.

What are the best earrings for men?

Looking to add some bling to your earlobes? Continue reading. Below are some of the best men’s earrings to buy online, including bold simple chandeliers, minimal studs, and classic hoops.

1. Tom Wood Classic Small Hoops

gold hoop earrings for men

gold hoop earrings for men

You can’t go wrong with a pair of classic gold hoops like these from Tom Wood. They’re very well sized at 15 millimeters (a little smaller than a dime), bringing a subtle touch to almost any outfit. The material is high quality 925 sterling silver with gold plating on the surface.

Buy the Tom Wood Classic small hoops $185

2. Miansai Crux Huggie Earring

dangling earring for men miansai

dangling earring for men miansai

Want to follow the trend of dangling earrings without being too daring? Check out this Miansai Crux. The single earring hugs the earlobe, while the cross hangs just a little below the ear. It’s George Michael lite, in the best way, and it’s a stylish choice for evenings or dressy attire.

Buy Miansai Crux Huggie Earring $45

3. Nordstrom Cubic Zirconia Earrings

fake diamond earrings for men

fake diamond earrings for men

These unisex CZ earrings are a great way to channel the early hip-hop look. At eight carats, they’re big enough for people to notice, but not so big that they’ll look flashy. The hardware is plated in precious metal – you can choose between gold or platinum – and features a triple prong that holds the CZ stones.

Buy Nordstrom CZ Earrings $58

4. Allsaints Hex Silver Studs

earrings for men

earrings for men

If you’re shopping for your first pair of earrings or want something super understated, consider these hexagonal studs from Allsaints. Crafted from sterling silver, the studs have a deliberately tarnished look that takes away the shine, giving a unique look. Pick them up to wear right after your piercing, or as go-to earrings any other time afterward.

Buy Allsaints Hex Silver Studs $39

5. Alighieri Gold ‘The Gilded Dagger’ Single Earring

gold earrings for men

gold earrings for men

Some of the best earrings for men are unique pieces instead of simple classics. This Gilded Dagger earring from Alighieri is one of the first, bringing an eye-catching handmade design with a 24k gold plated bronze construction. It’s a unique earring, and does a good job balancing chic and intrigue.

Buy a unique Alighieri gold earring $165

6. Numbered silver hoop earrings

silver hoop earrings for men

silver hoop earrings for men

These silver hoops from Numbering are another great option if you’re looking for something more unique. The small hoops feature a curb chain design with tiny CZ stones on the front. The metal is a rhodium-plated sterling silver, which helps create that non-traditional style.

Buy Numbered Silver Hoop Earrings $155

7. Hatton Labs Pearl Hoop Earring

men's pearl earrings

men’s pearl earrings

Just like pearl necklaces, pearl earrings are all the rage right now in men’s fashion. If you want to give the trend a chance (as it should), get these pearl hoops from Hatton Labs. They are small and subtle – except for the falling freshwater pearl drops (these are also detachable). Wear these pearls with a colorful suit, à la Harry Styles, or wear them casually with a logo tee, loose chinos and bold sneakers.

Buy Hatton Labs Pearl Hoop Earrings $179

8. Celine Men’s Fleur de Lys Earrings

dangling earring for men

dangling earring for men

Another great option for those looking to nail the chandelier earrings trend is these Fleur de Lys drop earrings from Celine Homme. Drawing inspiration from medieval and modern inspirations, the Italian-made sterling silver earrings (plural) are something we’ve come to expect to see on Lil Nax X, and are a great choice for date nights. you enhanced or bar looks.

Celine Men’s Fleur de Lys Earrings $490

9. Homemade Jam Smile Skull Sterling Silver Earring

earring skull for men

earring skull for men

This unique skull earring from Jam Homemade strikes a beautiful balance between quirky and classic. At first glance it looks like your standard chic stallion, but on closer inspection it has more character thanks to the tiny skull design. This is another model that’s easy to wear with casual and understated outfits like t-shirts and jeans.

Buy Jam Homemade Smiling Skull Earring $190

10. Vivienne Westwood Silver Richmond Stud

designer earrings for men

designer earrings for men

Vivienne Westwood’s logo – a mix of the British royal orb and Saturn – looks great and works great as the focal point of this understated earring. The small earring is made of hand-polished silver-plated brass and can even be combined with a different earring on the opposite side for a more extravagant look.

Buy Vivienne Westwood Stud $80

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