Tear gas police protesters in Poland call for reopening of businesses

Police in Warsaw, Poland have used tear gas to subdue protesters demanding an earlier end to stay-at-home orders in the country, Reuters reported on Saturday.

Like the United States, Poland began reopening some businesses in parts of the country earlier this month in a bid to save the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Protesters, who claimed the closures in Warsaw threatened their income, have staged protests in the capital since late last month. Organizers planned a march that was blocked by police who cited government restrictions temporarily banning public gatherings amid the pandemic.

“Unfortunately, we are dealing with cases of assault on the police. Due to the attacks on officials, we used direct confrontation methods such as physical force and tear gas, ”Warsaw police said in a statement to Reuters.

Jacek Bury, a senator and member of the main Polish opposition group, told Reuters he was arrested by police. Police have denied detaining anyone with immunity from prosecution for protesting, such as lawmakers.

Poland has confirmed 18,257 coronavirus cases and 915 deaths, according to a Johns Hopkins tally.

The protests mirror some of the protests seen in the United States in states like Michigan, Virginia and California.

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