Tech Recruitment Startup Set to Revolutionize the IT Hiring Process

CXOToday gave an exclusive interview to Mr. Amit Veer, Co-Founder and CEO,

  1. Please share a brief on is a technology recruitment platform, whose mission is to become the largest community of pre-screened developers and the most efficient and effective destination for all companies hiring developers in the world. For now, the brand’s goal is to provide entry-level jobs for aspiring developers where merit and talent take center stage in the selection process. The writing on the wall is clear that skills and only skills are the cornerstone of any technology recruitment. We want to make access to qualified developers easier, faster and more profitable than ever.

2. Please share the idea behind starting a tech recruitment company

It’s hard to imagine our lives without technology these days. It’s ironic that the process of hiring the people behind technological advancements is archaic and manual. And this regressive process leads to multiple complications, a broken experience, and in some cases, a bad hire. We want to eliminate biases, delays and inefficiencies from the process by creating a large global pool of pre-assessed developers, who will be hired by Indian and global companies. With a focus on technology and AI-based solutions, we plan to scale the platform globally and help as many businesses as possible as quickly as possible. It’s about time the developer recruitment industry had its own Uber or Airbnb moment, and it’s here and now!

3. What major challenges is trying to overcome with this platform, and how will it help aspiring developers in the country?

Today’s recruiting solutions pose many challenges. They,

Give in to bias: Recruiters should rely on an interested document called a CV for the initial screening. A candidate can simply formulate it appropriately and pass the initial screening whether or not they possess what matches the job requirements. Recruiters (according to research) spend an average of 6 seconds on a resume, making prescreening mostly an exercise in inexact keyword matching.

Causing unnecessary delays: Assessments which are usually done on third-party platforms on demand are a very important step in the pre-screening process and consume the maximum amount of time. This is the longest delay in the process and the main cause of delay. Recruiters are at the mercy of the candidates and have no choice but to wait until they have a minimum number of qualified candidates to take the next step. About 70% of hiring time is spent on this, which is completely unnecessary.

Create discordant inefficiencies: recruiters must use multiple platforms for multiple purposes; resume database, on-demand assessment platform, interview platform and also an ATS. Juggling multiple platforms these days is a sheer waste of time and human effort.

And these complications negatively impact the hiring of experienced candidates and new students on campus and directly impact the organization’s agility and speed to market.’s talent pool, which has already been assessed for its skills, solves this problem almost completely and at scale, allowing recruiters to use technology to make better hiring decisions.

4. In the IT industry, many platforms are comparable to; why do you think will stand out?

It is true that there are many platforms that try to improve the process of hiring developers by offering several solutions. Even recruitment consultants, for that matter, try their hand at it by conducting online assessments. But the solution is completely technology-based and hence will evolve much faster in a shorter period of time. Additionally, the use of AI will ensure better hiring decisions on a consistent basis. The team that builds has extensive experience in building large-scale products and is therefore capable of building a truly global solution that stands out from the competition.

Another key differentiator that sets us apart is our free Coffeee Bootcamps. These intensive, industry-focused learning modules train candidates in a short time and prepare them for the industry, thus really contributing to increasing the supply of qualified developers.

5. What are the problems developers face when finding jobs in India, and how does help them

The hiring process, since it is not purely skill-based, leads to many false positives which ultimately affect the chances of a large number of eligible applicants. Moreover, as the market is quite fragmented, candidates not only have to browse platforms to find the right opportunities, but also attempt different reviews for different companies, which wastes a lot of their productive time.’s large marketplace aims to consolidate the hiring requirements of all companies and use a single assessment for their qualification. So there’s plenty of time left for them to do what they’re supposed to do best, Code!

Additionally, new engineers, especially in tier 2 and 3 locations, have the greatest challenge in finding their dream career, as big companies and recruiters rarely visit institutions in tier 2 and 3 cities.’s technology marketplace concept makes it easy for top recruiters in the country to find them. Through boot camps, we also help developers improve their coding abilities and other skills required in the IT industry.

6. Do you have financing plans

In August 2022, Coffeee raised INR 6 crore in a pre-seed funding round led by Riverwalk Holdings and many top angel investors also participated. The company will seek to raise new funds in the first quarter of 2023.

7. Please share your future growth plans. started on July 22 and has seen significant growth over the past few months. has rapidly gained popularity with over 800 colleges and over 55,000 students from all over India and continues to onboard more colleges and students. is soon starting to target hiring experienced developers as well and will be aggressively tackling this market. We are looking to onboard over 0.5 million developers to the platform by the end of next year. The developers will be thoroughly assessed for their skills and will be available to be hired by the companies in India and even abroad for full-time hiring and contract hiring. is already up and running for PAN India which is also a remarkable achievement for our 4 month old startup. We plan to expand internationally and launch in the United States by next year.

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