Teenager stumbles upon an Airbnb rented by … cops

By Lauren M. Johnson and Hannah Sarisohn, CNN

Three Montana sheriff’s deputies woke up to an unexpected guest at their Milwaukee vacation home – an uninvited teenager who ended up in the wrong house, one of the deputies told CNN.

The MPs were staying at an Airbnb while attending a training session in Wisconsin, MP Charles Pesola told CNN.

Pesola, from Flathead County, MT, recorded the meeting and posted the video to TIC Tac, where he has now been loved over 183,000 times.

“The guy broke into the house in the middle of the night,” said one of the MPs, turning the camera towards the teenager.

“This silly guy found the only Airbnb in all of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, full of cops,” Pesola told TikTok. “He woke up handcuffed.

Pesola said he and the other two MPs returned to Airbnb at different times on Thursday evening. They all heard a noise in the night and assumed it was one of the others, he told CNN.

There was a brief moment of confusion when they woke up to prepare for their workout on Friday morning, Pesola told CNN. They realized their timeline didn’t match and saw that one of the doors had remained open.

The three searched the house and Pesola said his partner found a young man asleep in a bedroom. He said the teen appeared to have been drunk.

MPs arrested the young man on security grounds as they did not know where he was from or if he was involved in a larger law enforcement issue, and called local police, said Pesola to CNN.

“No, this is a first for that. However, I woke up in random places, ”the young man told officers in the video.

Sgt. Efrain Cornejo of the Milwaukee Police Department said MPs did not want to press charges.

Pesola told CNN that the young man had given them no problem and understood the gravity of the situation.

“Don’t drink too much,” Pesola said. “That’s the moral of the story.”

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