Tenants see record growth on strong short-term rental market


Staykeepers is riding the crest of a wave, with a recent period of strong growth thanks to a strong recovery in the short-term rental market.

Focused on connecting quality student housing, multi-family accommodation and co-living with guests and travelers from around the world, the leading Proptech company recently bolstered its team with a series of heavyweight hires, while delivering record revenue for customers, with secure short rentals proving on average between 20-80% more valuable than long-term rentals.

Commenting on the company’s recent growth, Guardians co-founder, Ivo Gospodinov, said:

“Since 2021, we have achieved continued growth through our unique platform models that provide our landlord partners with access to hundreds of potential short- and long-term tenants, allowing us to deliver a real positive impact on their tenants. sources of income. As a result, we are seeing our portfolio of existing managed unit customers grow, while attracting new partners, fueling our international expansion.

“Compared to a lot of our competitors, we don’t have access to some of the financing and technology that they have, so we’ve had to stay nimble and get to know each market we operate in intimately. I believe this is what sets us apart and has allowed us to achieve record growth and great results for our clients.

Active in more than 57 cities around the world, Staykeepers is now focused on expanding its offering in the United States. The company’s unique model is already translating successfully across the pond, with a New York client seeing a 4.8x increase in monthly short-term rental revenue without increasing units allocated to Staykeepers. This is due to a 154% increase in the 3-month average daily rate.

Ivo added:

“Now that travel restrictions are lifted around the world, we are seeing an increase in demand for good quality accommodation in major cities. New York is no different and our unique model has allowed us to unlock revenue for clients who otherwise would have found themselves with empty rooms for long periods of time. We believe we can translate these results to other clients in New York and other key US states. This is something we are pursuing actively and we hope to achieve similar success.”

To further strengthen the Staykeepers offering, three new non-executive advisors have recently been appointed, each offering extensive industry experience and corporate connections. Colleen Pentland, Philip Hillman and Marcus Roberts join the company to help lead and grow Staykeepers’ operations in the UK, Europe and the US.

In 2021, Staykeepers saw a 32% increase in the number of properties they operate, as well as securing crowdfunding at a £30m valuation. Going forward, Proptech innovators are looking to increase their partnerships with investors and shareholders with a similar growth mindset.

Current Staykeepers Owner Partner portfolio exposure includes over 450 marketing platforms such as Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor and Expedia. But they also identified other websites where medium and long-term rentals could be found, embedding units on these platforms to market them, covering both short-term and long-term rentals.

For more information on Staykeepers and their full offering, visit: www.staykeepers.com

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