Tesco defends Clubcard scheme after shoppers slam ‘ridiculous’ price differences

Tesco has defended its Clubcard scheme after shoppers went to the supermarket for charging vastly different prices to those who did not have one of the money-saving cards. Customers called the price differences “shocking”, “ridiculous” and “crazy”.

The retail giant offers thousands of offers through the Clubcard program, BristolLive Reports. If you don’t have a Clubcard – which Tesco says is free and easy to join – you can pay a lot more for items.

Writing on Twitter, Tesco customer @virtual_ambvxr said it was “appalling” that an item cost £16 with a Clubcard and £40 without one. They said: “That’s awful…if you can sell it for £16 then sell it for £16. Clubcards are literally free so what’s the point?”

An image posted to Twitter appeared to show Tesco charging £2.90 for Nescafé Azera coffee with a club card, and £6 without it. “Tesco said ‘what cost of living crisis?'” posted @catekitchen. JJM_1994 replied: “The Club Tesco cards probably skew the true inflation stats (much higher).”

Meanwhile, @andy88jones said: “Tesco has essentially turned into a tech company; they now apply Club Cards to get your shopping data. Bud Light checkout £16 or £9 with a Club Card. “

If you have a Clubcard, you can get cheaper offers

A Tesco spokesperson replied: ‘Through Clubcard prices, we give over 20 million customers access to thousands of exclusive offers on everything from food staples like fruit and vegetables to treats like prosecco and ice cream.

“It’s easy and free to sign up, and customers can sign up on the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app, website or in-store to start saving right away.”

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