Tesla robotaxi will be a combination of Uber, Airbnb: Musk

San Francisco, Aug. 7 (IANS): Electric vehicle company Tesla CEO Elon Musk has predicted the company’s robotaxi will be like Uber and Airbnb combined.

At the company’s annual shareholder meeting, Musk said the system was not designed with a launch city in mind, the way competitors have approached the concept, Fox Business reports.

When the electric vehicle company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) is fully operational, Musk said Tesla owners will have the choice of using it themselves or adding their cars to the robotaxi fleet to win. money when they don’t need it.

“I think it would end up being kind of a combination like Airbnb and Uber,” the tech billionaire said.

“Look how many cars are parked. There are parking lots full of cars everywhere. Because the cars need a driver, so most of the time they don’t do anything,” he added.

The tech billionaire mentioned that regulatory hurdles will limit where it can be deployed, but is confident that the FSD system that will enable it will one day live up to its name.

He estimated that a typical vehicle added to the system would see its usage increase from 12 hours per week to 60 hours per week and become a revenue generator.

“What’s interesting is that the car still costs the same,” Musk added.

The term “robotaxi” implies that a vehicle can provide taxi service without a driver behind the wheel.

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