Thanks to Airbnb, these two digital nomads can live anywhere in the world for free for a year

Guillaume and Steven are two of the 12 lucky winners selected by Airbnb to live an experience like no other: a year of travel as part of a new program that the accommodation platform is experimenting with. They will take advantage of this program to combine work and vacation in various parts of the world. They will also share their experiences with the booking site in order to improve the service.

This week, the home rental platform Airbnb unveiled the 12 winners of its “Live Anywhere” program, designed to welcome new trends in flexible and nomadic living. These 12 participants, from the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, France, Argentina, Russia and the United Kingdom, will be involved to contribute to the innovations and improvement of the platform by sharing their experiences.

We spoke with two of the three French winners, a duo linked by 12 years of friendship: Guillaume, 31, and Steven, 30. The two friends met in preparatory class and have been friends ever since. For the past few months, Guillaume, from Boston, and Steven, from London, have been collaborating on a project combining work and travel. “We already had a more or less precise plan, but being selected changes the project. It makes it a lot easier, ”says Steven. “The world is opening up and things are moving fast,” says Steven. Aware of these changes, Airbnb wishes to adapt its services. According to figures published by the platform, the share of long stays increased by 10% in the first quarter of 2021 compared to 2019. Travelers are also booking more accommodation outside major cities, and are heading particularly to rural areas.

One year of a “job”

In September, the two will depart for Valencia in Spain, then continue their journey to Greece and Malta. In October, they will travel to Asia where a visit to Japan is eagerly awaited. “The country is the centerpiece of the trip. Guillaume has been studying Japanese for 12 years and is fascinated by the culture,” says Steven.

Although they are used to working abroad, this will be Steven’s first experience of true “nomadism”. He will work full time on the entrepreneurial project that links ecology and travel, while Guillaume will continue to work part time for the fintech company that employs him today. “I am very excited about the idea of ​​changing the way I work and very soon to be able to have an office by the sea, for example,” enthuses Steven.

Steven is not afraid of being his own boss and thinks he can alternate between work and visiting. “I am fairly rigorous and I am aware that we have a year to create something. We will put all our heart into it,” he said.

The duo are already studying accommodation for their future destinations in order to meet their specific needs: two bedrooms and two offices. “It’s like an apartment, it takes time to find the perfect one,” exclaims Steven. According to the platform, 11% of people who booked long-term stays in 2021 said they adopted a nomadic lifestyle, and 74% of users surveyed in five countries expressed interest in a life that, once the pandemic is behind us. , is no longer. focused on where their employer is located.

This interview has been translated from French.

Louis bolla

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