The 13 best trips for couples and vacation rentals to do in 2022

We love ~ big gestures ~ in the ghost age and slippery situations. Call us easy romantics, but there’s something so deliciously classic about giving a gift that says, “Honey, I’m ready to clown for one.” while”, In the form of a trip to upstate New York to frolic in My Nature. Never mind if it’s with the boy from Tinder who doesn’t have a credit card? He’s got a car – and if romance is anything, it’s a constant mix of wheels, libations, and light math on what you can do, in every sense of the word (sorry mum, sorry my God).

If you need to plan a vacation with a grown-up, we’ve got you covered. Hell, if you need to plan a vacation for even less, we’ve got three trips you can even take for under $ 500. The best part about giving your sweetheart a trip is that you, if you wish, can accompany them on the ride. And it could be, more precisely, a scenic ride along the California coast in a tricked motorhome that would make Jack Kerouac say, “Daaaaamn boiiii”.

You might know exactly what you’re looking for and have a mental vacation checklist of 1) mountains, 2) hot tubs, and 3) pronghorns. (Sure, we’ve got Montana getaways for you. We’re not monsters.) Maybe you dream of bathing in a giant champagne glass at a kitschy love resort, bucket list, or wanna -you’re going on a trip to Mexico to toast these buns. Whether you’re a Nitpicky Nancy or you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve got a bunch of trips, flights, and vacations that everyone would love to receive.

Keep it kitsch

We love a kitsch roadside joint because they’re cool as hell, always photogenic, weirdly sexy, and not as expensive as a heritage hotel or luxury resort. These three exaggerated hotels form a particularly excited Freemason triangle across the United States; a splendor of shag rugs, disco balls, and themed rooms that are easy to get to if you live in California, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania (which is actually just New York, obviously), but still worth it the pilgrimage.

Madonna’s Inn was founded in the 1950s by a wealthy dude in San Luis Obispo, Calif., who outfitted the candy-colored resort with its own freeway, horse trails, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and 110 guest rooms with themes like Jungle Rock and Just Heaven. Don’t miss the swinging doll in the pink dining room.

Book the Madonna Inn at Tripadvisor.

The diving motel in Nashville, Tennessee, this is what happens when angels rush to save a roadside joint and know exactly what to tamper with and what to leave awesome. The newest of the three hotels by far (it opened just a few years ago), it has over 20 themed rooms that fall somewhere between a David Lynch movie and a 1977 porn set with en-suite bathrooms. private and twin baths. Plus, each room comes with its own ‘party light switch’ that activates a disco ball and groovy radio.

Book a room at the Dive Motel at Tripadvisor.

Bury us in Cove Haven. Please. Better yet, let’s be the rhinestone ghost that haunts the champagne glass bathtub from their iconic love resort rooms, which have been around for decades and are still one of the nastiest honeymoon destinations in the country.

Learn more about Cove Haven on Tripadvisor.

Make their treehouse fantasy come true

Has your sweetheart always dreamed of being taken to a treehouse? How about one with wine, edibles and bananas? Well that last part is up to you, but we’ve got a nice short list of the best treehouse rentals which includes this treehouse-inspired elevated cabin that’s just a 15-minute drive from Woodstock, New York. York. It’s perched above a swimmable lake, has a firewood-heated hot tub, and is nestled among the trees.

Willow hut; sleeps up to $ 2,382 / night at Airbnb

Are you a pool and frozen drink type couple? Book a resort in Mexico.

Sometimes you don’t have the bandwidth to think too seriously about day-to-day operations, or search through a billion different rental units to find a place to stay. This is why beach resorts are, in fact, rock for those of us who are not born planners. Resort groups like Tafer and The Villa Group have all-inclusive-optional properties throughout Mexico starting at Cape San Lucas To Puerto Vallarta, which means you can choose your own adventure or spend a long weekend there, sipping cocktails in the pool without worrying about the world.

Mousai Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, prices vary depending on Tafer

You all have Kerouac aspirations

Hit the road and see Joshua Tree, Yellowstone (well, all national parks, really), or at least the Pacific Coast Highway. You don’t even have to go to a trade show and find out about Winnebagos to do it these days, thanks to services like RVshare, which is the number one (and biggest) RV rental market. peer-to-peer to the world. Think Airbnb, but for motorhomes; all the comforts of a cozy and rental house that you can reveal to your loved one and say “Let’s go to Reno, mom”.

Sleep in a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece

Is your sweetheart a design buff? In the mid-century aesthetic? Well, there are actually a bunch of famous architectural homes you can stay in across the country, including Eppstein House in Galesburg, Michigan by Frank Lloyd Wright. As one of the most iconic and prolific architects of the 20th century, the Wright Houses can be found all over the United States, but it is rare to find one so well preserved and decorated with furnishings to suit the style. ‘era. This one has it all and is also close to the charming seaside town of South Haven. Bring your design lover darling here with a new sketchbook to show you ~ get them ~.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Eppstein House; Sleeps 4, $ 495 / night at Airbnb

If you fancy large spaces

Room to make the big mistakes, baby. Nothing like promising your boo the same vacation that Kanye West and Kim K, who helped make Montana the next Aspen (say this on your date; it will make you look horrible but mundane). Either way, there are so many epic places to rent in Montana, including this condo in Big Sky which costs barely a hundred dollars a night, and this mountain views.

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom ski condo (sleeps up to 4), $ 109 / night at Airbnb

And if you plan to visit Glacier National Park, the native-run Sun Tours is an excellent guide. “The tour focuses on the natural features of glaciers and the relevance of the Blackfeet Indian Nation, past and present,” their team explains, “[and] our guides are residents of the reservation, [and] knowing many facets of the history, culture and way of life of the tribes.

Reserve your place (from $ 70 / person) at Sun excursions

Visit the best natural spa on our planet

Have you never been to Iceland? Do you also wear custom elf ears? Same same. Well, Iceland welcomes vaccinated American tourists to come and enjoy its pristine natural beauty. If you’ve never been there, the Blue lagoon is a legendary natural wonder in Reykjavik whose waters serve as a geothermal spa, thanks to its high silica content. There’s nothing like discovering an 800-year-old dead lava field.

Find hotels near the Blue Lagoon on TripAdvisor

Treat yourself on a Barcelona balcony

You know, you should probably be doing something other than tapas while you are in Spain. We’re kidding of course, we just think you should have a nice apartment to retreat to once you’re full of rioja and shellfish. This spacious apartment is right in the center of Barcelona and has an additional furnished terrace of 40m2 (which is… large). What are you waiting for ?

Furnished apartment with terrace; Sleeps 5, $ 187 / night at Vrbo

A retreat at Joshua Tree

It’s a retreat, and you, your friends, and your bag of various psychedelics will love it. Who doesn’t want to let off steam and party in the desert? As one of our editors put it, “The people at the Coachella Flower Crown are really dominating the energy of Palm Springs right now, but that leaves the Mojave for the rest of us – the people. real dingbats that need to stretch and howl at the moon with each other. That’s why a trip to Joshua Tree is just the ticket for a combination of epic scenery, relaxation, and weird local haunts to discover. Opt for a geo dome (obviously).

Abracadabra Dome, $ 324 / night at Airbnb

You don’t have much time to leave New York City

Don’t have time to leave New York for another state or country? Its good. We know it’s the fall of finance, and we know you’re all screwed. Luckily, Ina Garten invented the Hamptons, which are just a dressy getaway from the city, traffic permitting, and a great way to relax just steps from the beach. “The charming cottage sits on several acres of land,” writes Plum Guide of the Springs, East Hampton home, “and features a quaint wisteria-invaded patio, private gunite pool and large outdoor seating area. ‘open floor. ” What pastoral care. Here’s an idea: spread out a picnic, with you in sausage. As the old saying goes, you can’t spell charcuterie without cute being just… dozing off.

Wisteria delight; sleeps up to $ 3,276 / night at Plum Guide

Give her the gift of a girls’ trip

Have you been together for eons? Then maybe it’s time to treat him to a solo adventure, thanks to Girls’ Vacation Club. The Black Owned Travel Service is designed by women and for women who want to explore together, whether you’re stopping off with a galz team or wanting to get to know someone on a weekend in Mexico, or one “Ladies in Paris” package. Smash that Ratatouille theme song all the way to the airport, baybee.

Learn more about booking a trip at Girls’ Vacation Club

Have a good trip.

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