The 1860s ‘cottage’ is like a work of art on Richmond Hill in Cork

Young offenders
The cast and crew on the set of Young Offenders at Cork’s Bells Field in 2017.

More than eminently qualifying for every description of an urban oasis, verdant and secret and lush and charming, this urban “cottage” built in the 1860s shares a much-loved town perspective with all of the above.

John Butt's View of Cork from Audley Place Photo: Michael MacSweeney / Provision
John Butt’s View of Cork from Audley Place Photo: Michael MacSweeney / Provision

Much the same point of reference was used in John Butt’s View of Cork from Audley Place, a painting featured in the Crawford Gallery in Cork since 2005, Cork’s Year of the Year, The Sun and European capital of culture when it was bequeathed to the city.

The sight has repeatedly captured the lenses of both amateur and professional photographers, day and night, with twilight as a particular favorite, and it has featured for decades on the cover of Frank O’Connor’s classic memoir on Cork, An only child.

Then the view from this lofty height above St Patrick’s Hill has been on display several times in Young offenders, when Bells Field was regularly used as a scene for Conor and Jock’s dating crimes, and rare moments of soul-searching.

Since getting this massive exposure on the cult Cork show, it’s now touted as a place to visit by none other than Tripadvisor, earning a four and a half star review out of 1,800 mentions, noting it’s well worth it the climb.

Today, much of these beloved views can be admired day or night, year-round from the secretly located, elevated Richmond Cottage near the top of Richmond Hill, a five-minute walk from St Patrick’s Bridge as the market approaches. with real estate agent Andrew Moore, with an AMV of € 385,000.

To say that it is at the same time rare and attractive, as well as full of promise and that one only lets it be understood when passing through the sturdy front door and a high stone wall bearing its date of 1860, is little say.

Opportunity strikes
Opportunity strikes

Enter on a sunny day and you’d be hard pressed not to smile with anticipation and immediate appreciation.

View of the verdant city at Richmond Cottage
View of the verdant city at Richmond Cottage

It’s so special, with its iconic views across a valley (the stream route is below its steep western boundary) to the west, with St Anne’s Shandon’s Goldie Fish spire in the frame, as well as the north cathedral in an ecumenical bell tower. part jutting out into the horizon, while the lantern on the roof of the former Murphys / Heineken brewery recalls this house’s origin as a craftsman’s cottage for workers in Blackpool’s many industries in the 19th century .

All of this prompts Andy Moore to recognize “the privacy, security, central location and spectacular grounds more than justify the use of the much-maligned term ‘unique.’ So uniquely situated and beautifully appointed, and secreted perhaps a level or two below Bells Field in a world or microcosm of its own, it is for sale for the first time in several decades, with its owner who has traded here after falling in love with her a myriad of charms and is now returning to her native Dublin.

Resist any instincts to think that $ 385,000 is a big change for an older era, a cork twin-bed house of just over 1,000 square feet, because it’s not big at all: if it is. ‘was half the size, that would still be a prize to pursue.

The gardens at Richmond Cottage are a green-fingered delight
The gardens at Richmond Cottage are a green-fingered delight

Its setting is remarkable, both for the privacy and for the view, and the size of the sloping and stepped garden gives it a “rus in urbs” or countryside atmosphere in the city: how many other townhouses have a real sea ​​of ​​bluebells in a hidden corner of the garden and along winding paths each spring?

If you love the countryside and gardening and think you can never make it to town, well, this might do it for you.

Likewise, if you love city life, but in a post-Covid-19 era yearn for open and airy private spaces, well that’s bingo! Full house! on the double, two in one, for the price of a three-bed suburban semi-d.

It has charm and comfort in abundance in its presentation, albeit its BER is a modest ‘G’, and has a gas central hearing plus a white Charnwood stove in its main living / cooking hearth, along with a wood store. covered on one of its exteriors with long walls, backed by its secure and very old stone surrounding wall to the north.

The roof was redone over a decade ago and most of the windows have been replaced with the original ones, so now when it’s about to change hands a buyer can just move in and do too little, or as much as he wants, with the best advice probably being to relocate and enjoy the four seasons before making hasty decisions about further upgrades or expansions.

Sales agent Andy Moore says it is practically ‘majestic’ on the outside, “belying its comfortable and relatively compact floor space of around 1,060 square feet. The high ceilings, the large window and the elevated position combine to give the ambience of a larger property.

A romantic date
A romantic date

Once you have passed the “secret” entrance door with the nameplate and the carved legend of 1860, a sloping path bordered by boxwood hedges leads to a compartmentalized ground with a mixture of terrace, lawn, raised patio / terrace, flowerbeds of vegetables and herbs, woody part, rockeries, rich in geraniums, mixed planting and seasonal bulbs, echiums, flowering and flowering trees.

Actors Alex Murphy and Chris Walley at Bells Field, filming the original film Young Offenders which was shown nationwide in over 70 theaters.
Actors Alex Murphy and Chris Walley at Bells Field, filming the original film Young Offenders which was shown nationwide in over 70 theaters.

There is a mature line of deciduous trees on the cliff-shaped perimeter, above a parking lot for the Heineken Brewery, with tree surgery about to be undertaken by the brewery, so that the clearer winter views through the bare trees can be projected and green in the summer just might be spiced up with year round fun.

VERDICT: Yeah, unique.

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