The 6 best cities in the world for telecommuting

As a result of the pandemic, how and where we work has changed dramatically. With more people working from home than ever before and many eager to give up the office for good, remote working is not only possible but welcome.

Around the world, there are a myriad of remote working opportunities, ranging from coastal getaways to bustling city center stays, available to suit all budgets.

Here is our list of idyllic destinations perfect for setting up your laptop outdoors.

6. For culture lovers: Berlin, Germany

Known throughout Europe for its thriving arts and culture, Berlin is full of galleries, theaters and museums.

Between meetings, telecommuters can stop by one of the many art exhibitions on offer, such as the K├Ąthe Kollwitz Museum, dedicated to one of Germany’s greatest female artists.

And, in the evening, workers can relax at the ZigZag Jazz Club, one of the many concert halls in Berlin.

5. For the quiet getaway: Rijeka, Croatia

Distant workers looking for a bit of peace and quiet should seek out Rijeka, one of Croatia’s most majestic port towns.

Home to sparkling blue waters and a plethora of cafes and restaurants along the town’s Korzo promenade, digital nomads may seek a quiet place to spend hours under the gorgeous Croatian sun.

4. For agitation: Sydney, Australia

For those looking for the energy and fast pace of a city center, along with easy access to beaches and green spaces, Sydney is the place.

Highly regarded for its remote working infrastructure, Sydney offers a multitude of opportunities for anyone looking to start from scratch, with excellent internet speed and capacity, as well as various co-working spaces.

3. For coastal life: Valencia, Spain

This dreamy coastal town is perfect for remote workers seeking the sun, with plenty of sandy beaches. Between shifts, remote workers can visit cultural wonders such as the Silk Exchange, famous for its rich history and intricate Gothic style.

After the Silk Exchange, workers can dine at Valencia’s Central Market, filled to the brim with the greatest culinary delights the Mediterranean has to offer.

And, if all of these cultural wonders haven’t quite won you over, Valencia is also one of the more affordable cities for remote workers, with cheap accommodation and great access to public transport.

2. To work on a budget: Tallinn, Estonia

As one of the most digitally advanced companies in the world, Estonia is a country that thinks about remote workers.

With a cheap cost of living, as well as excellent access to housing and public transport, Tallinn offers remote workers everything they could want, be it a short stay or a long-term hub.

1. For the intellectual: Krakow, Poland

Named as the best destination for remote workers by OVO Network, Krakow is home to one of the oldest academic institutions in the world with Jagiellonian University, which opened in 1364, and consistently ranks among the world’s top universities.

In addition to its extensive academic institutions, Krakow is home to the Krakow opera house, the wonderful national opera company which stages 200 performances on average each year. So, if you are looking to immerse yourself in academic and lyrical circles, then why not move to Krakow?

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