The 9 Best Airbnbs with Private Pools Perfect for Soaking Up the Sun

When people search online for the vacation home of their dreams, there is one term that is more searched than any other: the best Airbnbs with private pools. Yes, according to the booking company, last summer it was often the most sought-after piece of equipment on the platform.

Of course, that’s a pretty obvious and practical desire in hot weather – when it’s hot outside, it’s nice to have a place to cool off. But swimming pools are also the physical fulfillment of an ambitious American fantasy, one that is billed to us from birth: there are the photographs of Slim Aarons, the paintings of David Hockney, the dream girl sequence of Phoebe Cates in Quick times at Ridgemont High, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby the magnificent, where it was used as a symbol of wealth and lavishness. Is it any wonder why, when planning our trips, an Airbnb with pool is our ultimate travel wish?

Now that the pandemic is on the decline and travel is finally over, ultimately on the horizon, we thought we would share our favorite homes with these idyllic oases. From a modernist home in Los Angeles with an infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean, to a work designed by Alex Proba in Palm Springs, to an indoor swimming spa in an Italian Baroque villa, here are ads with chlorine very stylish.

Without further ado, the best Airbnbs with private pools.

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

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