The Airbnb logo has three “hidden meanings” – it’s not just a letter “A”

It may look like a whimsical letter “A”, but it turns out that the world-famous Airbnb logo has a multitude of meanings.

The simple brand logo is synonymous with millions of users around the world for breaks.

And while it may be widely believed that the logo is simply taken after the first letter of the company name, one TikToker realized that there was more to it than it looks.

Borys Skowron explained that there were a total of four meanings to the image.

The “most obvious” is just the letter A, but the oval shaped hole can also be used to represent “people”.

The TikToker explaining the different meanings of the Airbnb logo

The TikToker goes on to explain that “places” is another meaning – with a shape similar to that of a pin on a map.

And finally, if you flip the logo upside down, it can look like a heart to symbolize love.

The video has been viewed thousands of times since it was uploaded, with the caption: “What else can you see in the Airbnb logo?

One impressed viewer wrote: “One of the most creative logos for sure. “

The letter A as a symbol
The most common idea of ​​what the logo represents is the letter “A”

“Wow, that’s cool,” said another.

A third suggested, “When you open the GPS and there’s this arrow, it looks a bit like the logo. “

While a fourth thought the logo looked like a roof, “because it’s your home for a few days.”

It comes after another TikTok user was flabbergasted when she realized the Travelodge logo didn’t actually represent hills.

It is also in reference to people
It is also in reference to people

According to TikTok user @__chxrll, the logo actually represents someone sleeping.

The viral video that left people in shock has now racked up 724,000 views and 33,000 likes.

Many admitted that they were convinced the logo had shown the hills their entire lives.

“I have lived a lie my whole life,” wrote one viewer.

Another commented: “Well that’s brand new information.”

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