The Airbnb of boats: this application allows you to navigate to a boat rental on your phone

EDMONTON – For water lovers interested in renting jet skis, pontoon boats, fishing boats and yachts, the GetMyBoat app is available in Alberta.

Launched in 2013 in San Francisco, the boat rental app has spread across North America, with significant growth in Canada in 2020.

Through the app, tenants can choose their aquatic experience and location. A request is then sent directly to the owner of the boat who responds with availability and prices. Reservations and payments are made online.

“With an app, you’re going to see a lot of price transparency, a lot of different options. Sometimes you go to a marina and they tell you they have a pontoon and it will cost $ 1,000, ”said Val Streif, Marketing Director of GetMyBoat.

Josh Frick, a local boat owner, uses the GetMyBoat app to rent his wake-surf boat which can cost between $ 100,000 and $ 200,000.

“We have rented our boat probably six or seven times now through GetMyBoat and it has worked really well,” said Frick.

His boat is rented with a captain who launches and drives the boat. Frick’s boat comes complete with water sports equipment such as tubes and wakeboards and rents for $ 300 an hour. The minimum for renting the boat is three hours. Boat owners set their own rental prices and an 8.5 percent service charge is included in the fee.

He says the app allows him to break even on his boat costs while providing summer fun for a family or group of friends.

“Other people may not be able to own a boat like this, so we will rent it to them at a reduced cost compared to the actual cost of operating a boat,” he said. he declares.

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