The Alamo Theater in Bucksport will temporarily close

To clarify: the Alamo theater is only temporarily hitting the weekend movies. We are not selling! This is not a financial crisis. When everyone is ready and comfortable to share the movies again. spaces, we will be back and we look forward to it. “

That was the message on Alamo theater on Bucksport’s Facebook page this week, as they addressed concerns about their permanent shutdown, after posting earlier in the week that they were going to stop showing films for a while.

As they mentioned, it really doesn’t make financial sense to open and run a movie theater when people are too nervous to go inside to watch movies right now.

It’s a feeling that grows as the number of Covid cases rises again and the Delta variant seems to be still on people’s minds. More and more indoor events are canceled or moved outdoors, where possible.

A number of people have taken to The Alamo’s Facebook page to express their relief and encouragement to the company, which like many is choosing to err on the side of caution, having already experienced a wave of the virus.

Supportive statements such as “This is the only responsible and sane thing to do!” Congratulations to the companies doing the right thing! And “I think it’s a super smart decision in light of everything that’s going on, and certainly financially,” reflect a community that supports these choices, not made lightly, but in the best interests of the citizens of the city and small businesses that call Bucksport home.

Alamo management says they don’t know when they’ll resume airing the films, but look forward to that day.

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