The Anderson family to travel the world in Travel Anywhere on the Airbnb program

When chasing a dream, it never hurts to start with divine inspiration.

This is what Anderson’s Colin Mukri credits for helping his family become one of 12 shortlisted candidates from over 314,000 applicants for the Live Anywhere on the Airbnb program.

It all started with an essay explaining why Mukri – along with his wife, Meg and daughters Charlotte (5) and Liz (3) – would be the best choice to travel the world for 12 months.

“I wrote the essay of my life,” he says. “That day I had divine inspiration and wrote my heart.”

In it, Mukri explains how he and Meg wanted to give their daughters the experience of living across the world and being immersed in different cultures. Mukri adds that with the two girls being so young, they will enter the experience without any expectation and contagious exuberance that an adventure is sure to inspire.

Originally from Malaysia and immigrated to the United States at the age of 19, Mukri understands how being exposed to different languages ​​and cultures can enrich life and broaden perspectives. He adds that he and his wife want their daughters to have a solid foundation to become good citizens of the world.

“It’s important for us to show our children that there is a world,” says Mukri.

A remote worker specializing in video production, Mukri says there are a number of challenges in planning a stay abroad for a year. Concerns about the pandemic will play an important role in the choice of destinations as well as adequate access to communications to allow him to continue working.

The family’s travel will begin in September and the program encourages them to stay at least a month in each location at Airbnb’s expense. Program participants experience immersive travel as the company collects their feedback on how to best adapt to such extended stays in what is emerging as the emerging trend of “slow travel”.

Mukri says they hope to start with a trip to Oregon and from there travel to Europe for trips to Edinburgh, Scotland and Copenhagen, Denmark, with a hoped-for trip to Germany for Christmas.

Beyond Europe, the family hope to visit Singapore around Chinese New Year in February with the aim of visiting Mukri’s family, while keeping their daughters engaged, friends and family in the know about their experiences. and Mukri himself always productive at work.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun figuring that out,” he says.

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