The Chattanooga family can live anywhere in the world for free on Airbnb for one year

August 4 — Stephanie Hays of Chattanooga and her husband Peter Woolcock were planning to take a year off and travel the world with their nearly two-year-old son.

They didn’t know that fate would step in to move their plans forward.

Hays was named this week as one of 12 global participants – out of 314,000 applicants – in the “Live Anywhere on Airbnb” program.

As it looks, the family can set their own itinerary and stay at any Airbnb site around the world for free for about a year, as long as they stay one to three months at each stop. There is also money for travel included in the program, Hays said. In return, the vacation rental company wants their feedback on the extended stay experience.

“We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity,” said Hays, director of brand experience at Chattanooga Tourism Company.

For its part, Airbnb indicates that the data collected by the 12 participants in “Live Anywhere” will be used to help the company design “future upgrades and innovations of products on the platform to better adapt to the nomadic life “.

Among the others chosen were an artist duo from South Africa, a travel writer from Singapore, a doctor from the United Kingdom and a journalist from Argentina.

Hays, 35, said his family’s itinerary would likely include Mexico, Italy and England, among other destinations.

She said she heard about the contest on Instagram a few months ago and developed a website and made a video as part of the entry process. There were also several stages of interviews, she said.

Hays, from Chattanooga who attended girls’ prep school, and Woolcock, who is from England and runs a local after-school football program, are travelers from all over the world, having stayed at Airbnb sites in 19 country.

The couple also welcomed Airbnb customers to their homes in London, Mumbai (India) and Chattanooga, Hays said.

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