The climate crisis must be treated with the same urgency as war

AS your national Sunday correspondent Ivor Telfer (Letters, September 19), I sometimes despair for the future of humanity. It almost seems that all of man’s progress has been aimed at his own extinction, either through starvation, nuclear annihilation, or making the planet uninhabitable.

It’s a sad fact that whenever a new invention or innovative idea comes up, the military immediately adapt it to better kill people. Rutherford’s splitting of the atom, Nobel’s invention of dynamite, Wallis’ hovercraft – all could have benefited humanity peacefully, but were also used for military purposes. If only the same emergency applied during the war could be aimed at reversing climate change, what a difference it would make.

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The climate crisis demands the same commitment as war; the untimely and sudden suppression of freedoms taken for granted, such as the burning of fossil fuels; encourage new ideas to fight against global warming; and massive investments of public money, governments will say we can’t afford – but we have to.

Chained as we are to a UK government populated by millionaires, who probably naively believe they can selfishly get out of certain climatic annoyances, Scotland’s independence to light the way becomes more and more essential with each passing day. . With optimism, I share Ivor’s hope that decisive and binding decisions will be taken at the Conference of the Parties in Glasgow; because without hope, what remains?

Richard walthew

CLIMATE change will pose problems for food production. Madagascar is an example. The south of the island has experienced four consecutive years of drought. As a result, the country had to face a severe famine. Over a million people face extreme famine. They have become dependent on raw cactus fruits, seeds, and locusts to stay alive.

The United Nations Food Program says this is one of the first famines directly caused by climate change. And it shows how climate change particularly hits countries that have little wealth and produce little CO2.

Alain stewart

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What’s all the nonsense about truck drivers having to save Christmas? Leave them at the house where they were sent and are in no rush to leave. Consumerism will fuel the end of our existence if we don’t have a grip.

There is enough plastic and reusable items like new in toy boxes, closets, wardrobes and garages awaiting a proper recycling program.

It is said that once upon a time, two fish and a few loaves of bread were enough to feed thousands of people when it turned out that there were in fact enough stashed away already. Xmas! Something about giving apparently. Or was it a different guy?

You can bet your life, on Christmas Day, excess will be common among those who already have enough, while many others will be desperate and cannot wait until tomorrow.

Tom gray

IF the UK government is going to move heaven and earth to avoid the current fuel crisis, I hope it doesn’t put them in the ditch Boris was going to die in.

Watson crawford

STARMER is preparing for government by NOT being Labor, let alone socialist.

The nationalization of public services off the agenda. Minimum wage of £ 15 on the agenda. Thin around tough issues like independence.

Become more and more like Boris every day – say anything to gain votes and get into government. A pale version of Tony Blair without charisma, passion and hope.

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And the next person in Labor who says they need Scotland to win shows how poor their maths – there are 59 seats in Scotland and EVEN if they won each one would only weaken the 80 Conservative majorities. Their calculation is as bad as anything else.

Then to top it off, a clip went viral of Sir Keir completely hiding a young activist outside the conference hall while greeting various people on the way – instead of congratulating her on being Labor and being a green activist, he ignores it – says everything you need to know about Sir Keir and Labor.

Winifred McCartney

It was striking that Jackie Baillie MSP, Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labor Party, argued that Labor could not return to power in Westminster without a revival in Scotland.

Since the 1945 general election, there have only been two elections where the return of Labor MPs to Scotland has been essential to the return of a Labor government.

In the 1964 general election, Harold Wilson became Prime Minister after defeating Tory Alec Douglas-Hume, securing an overall majority of four, and in February 1974 he defeated incumbent Prime Minister Ted Heath by just three seats.

Alex Orr

IF the Scottish people “must re-engage in British politics” as Ian Murray claims, then the Scottish people are either not engaging in politics – which is easily refuted – or they are not in the UK. Did Mr. Murray just give us independence?

Marie pattison
by email

As 12-15 year olds begin to receive Covid vaccines, would it be possible to do them mainly in the high school they attend, and while vaccination teams could deliver reminders to those over 70 who may be able to attend? ?

Mr. Ross

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