The cost of a dentist’s fear is not just about losing teeth

Some of them want only anxiety, others – panic fear. Our country is no exception. The worst part is that the delay in visiting the dentist later causes complications and requires treatment courses, press releases write. So what can we do to dispel Visa’s fears and not have to grieve for the lost dants?

Risks were assessed late

Is that feeling of anxiety close to you, when when we have a toothache we delay and look not for the doctor’s phone number, but for sedative drugs? Saul’s 32 dentists have been panicked since childhood. As a result, the man has to cover his smile with his hand, and complexes have appeared. “It’s even a shame to talk about it, I’m a grown man, but fear like a small child – there were procedures and pain. Although the untreated tooth hurts, but the treatment of pain fights even more. Really, I understand that the situation now is such that I will not do without the help of doctors. It is reassuring that it is now possible to apply general anesthesia and restore teeth with implants, ”says the man.

Rasa from Vilnius was also long overdue and did not dare to see a dentist. A woman seeks information, turns to one clinical drug that can be calm during treatment. “Although I have had dental problems for a long time, I did not dare to see a dentist for a long time, then I tortured for a few years until the time came when radical solutions were already needed. I had to implant and perform a bone augmentation procedure, because due to the long wait, there was not even where to implant the implants, ”says Rasa.

The woman admits that all the procedures were a big challenge for her, which required a psychological approach. What helped to overcome the fears? “The biggest fear was due to complications. When the doctor made a treatment plan, introduced him in detail, explained the course of the whole treatment process, what I can expect and for whom, I realized that it is necessary to follow it, ”says Rasa. After overcoming this challenge, the interlocutor adds that the risk assessment tends to be somewhat late, if we do it earlier, there would be speed and less fear.

Determination alone will not suffice

As in every area of ​​life, in the process of treatment – we are concerned about the uncertainty – what treatment awaits, how it feels during it, what other treatment alternatives. Therefore, determination alone will not be enough to dispel all fears before visiting a dentist. A very important aspect is trust in the doctor and the chosen treatment method. So it is worth asking what the doctor’s experience is, and during the consultation to ask and evaluate the clinics, as well as the professionalism of the staff. Just appreciated these aspects and trusted the doctors so I could expect a smooth treatment process.

“Patients’ fears and overcoming them are the daily routine of a dentist. There is really no need to be afraid of conversation. If you really want a lot of fear, talk openly about it with your doctor, name the reasons. I know from experience that all fears are overcome “, – encourages the periodontologist of the Vilnius Implantology Center, Doctor of Medical Sciences, who treated Rasa. Algirdas Puišys and adds that mutual trust between the doctor and the patient is very important in medicine. “And during the first meeting with Rasa, it started with an analysis of her situation and expectations. It is very important that the patient expresses his problems, fears, doubts, and the doctor provides a detailed explanation of the course of treatment, harmonizes visa procedures, indicates their course and benefits. Having enough knowledge with observations of fear decreases, ”A. Puišys shares his experience.

The consequences of fear are not just lost teeth

According to experts, the more abandoned teeth, the more expensive it will be to repair and restore them.

“When a tooth is lost, bone tissue gradually begins to disappear, so after a while such procedures may be needed to achieve quality and long-term tooth restoration. When the molars are lost, the height of the bite decreases, the front teeth wear out, and the lower jaw joint begins to crack. It should also be borne in mind that dental conditions are made to work effectively for the whole body. Poorly chewed food is more difficult to digest, therefore the work of the digestive tract may be disturbed or other health disorders may be withdrawn, ”A. Puišys examines the possible consequences.

It is important to emphasize that even after a long loss of teeth, bone disappears unevenly. One loses a tooth after half a year and needs bone augmentation, the other, and one who needs a tooth lost for a longer period of time, may need bone augmentation and the procedure may be minimally invasive. Therefore, only after extensive consultation is it possible to justify the fear.

Med. m. dr. Algirdas Puišys points out that many of us are also intimidated by the newly proposed procedures. We always welcome innovations without trusting them, not because they are not effective, but because of a lack of information. One of the examples is that dental implants, which have been performed in the world for 50 years, are still worrying in Lithuania.

Dental implantation – One of the fastest growing areas, so the doctor needs to constantly update and deepen his knowledge. Before the operation, the doctor must prepare an individual treatment plan, which describes the required procedures, their course, terms, scope, cost and comment on it to the patient in more detail. It is recommended to write down the questions before visiting a familiar dentist – this will make it easier to remember them all. Clear and detailed information is also very useful to ensure that the patient feels calm throughout the treatment process and can trust the doctor and receive all the answers to questions.

What can we do to make us less afraid?

Take your time and look for treatment facilities. A great survey of dental clinics found that as many as 68 percent. When choosing a dental clinic, people take into account the novelty of the clinic’s tourism equipment, in the second place – the comprehensiveness of the services provided, and the familiar recommendations are determined by 50%. choices.

After choosing a dental clinic, arrange a first visit. It is better to look for the morning time for the visit – there will be less time for fear.

It is good to understand that the first visit to the dentist will only assess the condition of your teeth, listen to your complaints and expectations, and provide all the information about the recommended information.

Talk openly about your fears with the dentist. Tell us how you travel with the greatest anxiety – pain, likelihood of complications, environment, odor, tooth drilling, or other things. Your doctor will take your fears into account and find a suggested solution.

Talk to your doctor about a contractual sign to show if you feel unwell during treatment.

Before you choose, take care of the pleasant things that relax you – music, film, radio.
There are many ways to overcome fear, and by visiting a specialist regularly, the procedures and treatment are much simpler, so if you feel it is worth comparing the results, and with the help of a specialist, find the most suitable dental treatment.

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