The cottage from ‘The Holiday’ is now available for rent on Airbnb

Rumors of a sequel to the Christmas classic Holidays seem to have been greatly exaggerated this year, after reports were shot down by the cast.

If you’re still clinging to the hope of that reunion, you might have to wait a little longer, but a good way to fill that void might just be to fall into your lap. In the most Christmas of winter getaways, the cottage of Holidays is now available to book online.

Image: Airbnb

After the 50th rewatch of the romcom this year, you might decide that yes, it is time to live out this fantasy of staying in an adorable cottage. Thanks to a couple who bought the property and put it up for rent on Airbnb, unaware of its iconography, it is possible.

Plus, the interiors are Christmas extra, offering a cozy-as-hell fireplace; as well as garlands and a Christmas tree for the holiday season. Some might say he’s a doodle prodigy…

Image: Airbnb

Chalet Honeysuckle is in Holmbury St Mary, Surrey, and was found by growers looking for the most English cottage they could find. So if you fancy a getaway from London surrounded by movie royalty, you’ve found it. The only thing that could make it more Christmas is another dusting of snow around these parts.

A footnote to consider is that we cannot guarantee that the stars of the film – including Jude’s Law and Cameron Diaz – to have Actually setting foot in this cottage (although we can’t rule it out either). Renowned Rose Hill Cottagewhat you see in the film is actually a recreation made for the purposes of the film, as the actual location is too far from the cast and crew in London.

But COME. You can stay in a piece of History of Christmas cinemaWhich one is obviously worth the price of £295 per night

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