The criminal told the police to “come find me”. So they did.

David Holmes taunted Lancashire Police on Twitter, urging them to ‘come get me’. So they did. (Twitter)

A “most wanted” criminal was arrested by a police force after taunting them on social media for “coming find me”.

David Holmes, 27, was included in a list of nine published by the Lancashire Police Force, and decided to bait the force by writing on Facebook: ‘Do your job right and come find me’.

“Hello David, we advise you to do the right thing and surrender,” the force replied. “We have a great track record for these kinds of things that you see, so we think you’ll find out that sooner or later we’ll come to find you.”

And they did.

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Lancashire Police’s most wanted list updated following the arrest of David Holmes (Lancashire Police)

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In a statement, Lancashire Police said: ‘Following our previous call two wanted men have been arrested.

“David Holmes, 27 of Skelmersdale, has been charged with harassment and violating a restraining order, and is due in court today.

“And Ian Humphreys, 35, of Lytham, who was wanted for violating a non-aggression order went to Blackpool Police Station yesterday.”

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The two men were wanted in Operation Hunter, which launched in July targeting Lancashire’s most wanted individuals.

The statement added: “That’s two less, seven to do among this week’s most wanted faces.”

Holmes’ humiliation was further added when the original Facebook comment and subsequent replies were captured and put on the Lancashire Police Facebook page with another jibe at his expense.

“You may remember from our recent post on Op Hunter, which David thought was wise to give us a comment, after seeing his face on our ‘most wanted’ list,” the report reads. message.

“The moral of this story is that it probably isn’t a wise move. After all, we are the police.”

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