The Districts will call at Meow Wolf

The Districts are on tour in support of their album “Great American Painting”. The group stops at Meow Wolf on Wednesday, March 30. (Courtesy of Ebru Yildiz)

If there’s one thing life teaches Rob Grote, it’s patience.

The singer of rock band The Districts had to wait a year for the release of the new album “Great American Painting”.

“It’s funny because it sounds surreal,” he says of the album’s March 11 release. “In a way, we closed the chapter on that and now it’s back.”

The Districts Tour will take them to Meow Wolf in Santa Fe for a 7 p.m. show on Wednesday, March 30.

“Great American Painting” is also the band’s fifth album. It is produced by Joe Chiccarelli and recorded at the legendary Sunset Sound in Los Angeles.

Grote says the album was deeply influenced by the two months he spent living in a cabin in Washington state during the height of the pandemic.

“While we were there, I spent time driving by all those crazy rivers and the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, and was mesmerized by how these unspoiled landscapes really capture a timeless idea of what America is,” Grote said. “I had just been in the protests in Philadelphia and had been tear gassed, and it was so strange to go between those two extremes. In a way, this album asks: “What is the great American painting? Is it the police brutality, or is it this beautiful landscape? And the truth is, that’s all of it.

Grote says he and bandmates Braden Lawrence and Pat Cassidy have been apart during the pandemic and have been working via email and video chat.

The trio were ready to book a recording session in Los Angeles.

“We thought the pandemic was coming to an end,” he says. “Then LA was the worst place in the country. We drove from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles with all our gear and didn’t really stop anywhere. We took an Airbnb and said to ourselves, if we get sick, we all get sick. It was a weird place to be in life, but we made it.

Grote says the band found their sense of connection heightened exponentially during the album process.

“It was so nice to hang out with the people I love, have fun and try to do something good for the world,” Grote said. “What I appreciate the most in music is when an album expresses a kind of pain, frustration or hope that I also feel,” he explains. “I hope this album makes people feel like something in themselves is reflected around the world, and I hope it makes them feel less alone.”

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