The Drop: best varieties of Hall of Flowers

Hall of Flowers kicked off May 4-5 in Palm Springs. The event was filled with great brands, great people, and most importantly, great weed. After spending the week with a wide variety of different strains at the Hall, I have a whole list of flavors to check out.

Here are seven of the best varieties from May’s Hall of Flowers.

Compound Genetics: Mellowz

Ay man, listen. This compound grass is different. Nah, for real. I got Mellowz nuggets from Compound Genetics, and it was rightfully one of the best feelings I’ve had in a long time. The effects were crazy relaxing and uplifting. The shit was like a sound bath in the form of weed. The flower tasted real grapey, real gassy, ​​which makes sense considering the Grape Gas in its genetics.

Available: California

Blueprint: Item #9

FONKY. WOBBLY. This is exactly what article #9 of Plan is. I smoked the flower and underneath that sweet, icy flavor there was a little stunk. Then I found out there were GMO cookies at play in the genetics and I was like, “ahhh, it all makes sense now.”

Smoke this strain if you come across it in stores. You will not be disappointed. But with Blueprint damn near sweeping the last Zalympix contestyou probably already knew that.

Available: California

Willie’s Reserve x Huckleberry Hill Farms: Whitethorn Rose

HoF’s Whitethorn Rose was bred and grown by Huckleberry Hills Farmsand packed by Willie’s Reserve. It’s literally my favorite weed. If there’s a way to get it, get it and marvel at how incredibly unique and specific this flavor profile is. Every human I slyly crossed paths with Whitethorn Rose went wide-eyed “What the hell is that?!” Reaction to how it smells and tastes. In addition, the high is also pleasant. Whenever I’m stressed as hell, a Whitethiggity hits it right away.

Available: California

818 Brands: 818 Oreoz

I like that 818 weed, man. All the varieties I had made of it were smooth on the smoke with great flavors. This Oreoz is that one. It’s a Cookies and Cream cross that screams out of the bag with nutty, gassy terpenes. The effects will also get you mindlessly high. There’s no other way to put it, honestly. If you want a sweet, flavorful, and powerfully relaxing flower, go ahead and check this one out.

Available: California

FloraCal Farms: SlurriCrasher

FloraCal’s SlurriCrasher cracked me up. I don’t mean it was a goofy, laughing effect; I mean, I opened the jar, the terpenes hit my nose, and I immediately started laughing at the great smell of weed.

Spinning SlurriCrasher is like rolling an acai bowl. Sweet, berry, tropical, delicious – all of these describe the smoke that comes from this flower. The high was quite smooth and balanced for me. It was both uplifting and relaxing.

Available: California

Insane: Beam Me Up Scotti

I hit this joint Beam Me Up Scotti from Insane and literally said out loud “Bro, what?!” This flavor is damn near indescribable. It’s like a white grape type rhythm, slightly apricot, sweet and floral. The effects left me feeling clearheaded, happy and extremely hungry. Which was perfect because immediately after smoking this Beam Me Up Scotti joint, I stuffed my face with a big bowl of spaghetti carbonara from I met him in a bar. Yes, I added pancetta.

Available: California

Seed Junky Genetics: Blackberry Pie

This Seed Junky Blackberry Pie was nice. It has that dark berry flavor with kind of a gassy, ​​tart feel in the back. Honestly, it tastes like blackberry pie from your local bakery.

The high is a creeper. You’ll burn and relax, then the next thing you know – bam! Your eyelids drop like motorized curtains in a Joshua Tree Airbnb. You know, because the houses are all fancy and shitty there.

Available : California

Danté Jordan is a freelance writer, video producer and media consultant specializing in cannabis cultivation, strains, products, education and everything related to this little green flower. Contact him at dantenetworks(at)gmail(dotcom), or dante_jordan on Instagram. His website is

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