The Ducks Ltd & Jane Inc team for The Cure’s “In Between Days” cover

Toronto group Ducks Ltd are back with the second installment of their The Sincerest Form of Flattery cover series, taking on The treatmentthe classic 1985 single “In Between Days” in collaboration with Jeanne Inc. (aka Carlyn Bezic). They’re keeping things pretty close to the original, while moving into slightly more surfer territory and maybe even making the song a little more New Order-y than it already was.

“Robert Smith is a genius and the Cures are the best and I love that song,” said Tom McGreevy of Ducks Ltd. “It’s so simple, but all the pieces fit together so well. We’ve listened to all the demos he’s done of it, and it’s cool to hear how clearly the fundamental parts are done on the whole premiere, even though he has no lyrics yet and just sings the melody without a word (which I also do when we make demos!) We mostly followed this one on a day off when we were in tour with Nation of Language, so the voice was tracked in the front seat of a Mitsubishi Outlander parked in the middle of the night outside an Airbnb in Grand Junction, Colorado It’s also the first thing we’ve done on which our bassist Katie plays.

As for Jane Inc’s involvement, “Carlyn Bezic (aka Jane Inc) has been a friend for maybe a decade and is one of the best musicians in Toronto,” Tom said. “I’ve seen her in so many bands and it was so cool to see the Jane Inc project come together, because it feels like she just keeps refining and perfecting a creative vision that was already clear in some of the first projects I saw her. I’ve always wanted to do something with her, so I was super excited that she said yes to that!”

Listen to the “In Between Days” cover and watch the video for The Cure’s original below.

Ducks LTD will be touring with Disq in November, including a show in Brooklyn at Baby is fine on 11/21.

Jane Inc has just released their amazing second album, Faster than I can take.

The first in The Sincerest Form of Flattery series was a cover of The Jesus & Mary Chain’s “Head On” performed with Illuminati Hotties.

SEPTEMBER 7 WED – Workmans Club @ 7:00 PM – Dublin, Ireland
8 SEPTEMBER THU – Broadcast at 7:00 p.m. – Glasgow, UK
SEPTEMBER 10 SAT – Sneaky Pete’s @ 7:00 PM – Edinburgh, UK
SEPTEMBER 11 SUN – Headrow House @ 7:00 PM – Leeds, UK
SEPTEMBER 13 TUE – Yes at 7:00 PM – Manchester, UK
SEPTEMBER 14 WED – The Dark Horse @ 7:00 PM – Birmingham, UK
SEPTEMBER 15 THU – Windmill Brixton @ 7:00 PM – London, UK
SEPTEMBER 16 FRI – Green Door Store 7:00 PM – Brighton, UK
SEPTEMBER 17 SAT – Crofters Rights @ 7:00 PM – Bristol, UK
SEPTEMBER 18 SUN – The Joiners @ 7:00pm – Southampton, UK
SEPTEMBER 21 WED – Galeria Zé dos Bois @ 10:00 PM – Hause Plants – Lisbon, Portugal
SEPTEMBER 24 SAT – Wurlitzer Ballroom 7:00 PM – Madrid, Spain
SEP 25 SUN – Sala Upload @ 7:00 PM – Barcelona, ​​Spain
NOV 16 WED – Schubas @ 7:00 PM – Disq – Chicago, IL, USA
NOV 17 THU – The Loving Touch @ 7:00 PM – Disq – Ferndale, MI, USA
NOV 18 FRI – The Drake Hotel @ 7:00 PM – Disq – Toronto, ON, Canada
NOV 20 SUN – Brighton Music Hall at 7:00 PM – Disq – Allston, MA, USA
NOV 21 MON – Baby’s All Right @ 7:00 PM – Disq – Brooklyn, NY, USA
22 NOV. TUE – PhilaMOCA 7:00 PM – Disq – Philadelphia, PA, USA
23 NOV. WED – DC9 7:00 PM – Disq – Washington, DC, USA
NOV 25 FRI – The Basement @ 7:00 PM – Disq – Columbus, OH, USA
NOV 26 SAT – Off Broadway @ 7:00 PM – Disq – St. Louis, MO, USA

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