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So you have June 21 in mind and you and the girls start thinking about summer and school vacation plans. We can’t blame you, we are doing the same.

You might not be able to book this all-inclusive Marbella package just yet, but a stay in the UK is officially planned (cheers, Boris).

If you can’t drive or, you know, you just don’t want to, you can feel like you have no options. Seriously, why do all of those Holiday-style dream cottages exist at the end of a dirt road that you can only access if you’re driving a four-by-four?

The injustice is real but, luckily for you, we’ve researched and found some solid options to get your vacation dreams (UK rules allow …) back on track.

From city breaks to seaside getaways, we present …

The best holiday homes by train or coach at a glance

Clementine Velvet in Brighton

The Magnetic in Bath

Beautiful apartment in the trees in Malvern Hills

Seaside Cottage in Bournemouth

Goodramgate Apartments in York

Captain Surf in Cornwall

Attic Cottage in Yorkshire

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Where? Brighton
By train or bus? Form
Distance from the station? 20 minute walk
Sleep? Six
Brighton is where it is located. You’ve got a thriving indie scene, great shopping, a gorgeous beach, not to mention pride. This home is fun, colorful and full of life, with retro features from the 60s and 70s that will make your stay even more exciting.

The Magnetic

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Where? Bath
By train or bus? Form
Distance from the station? Eight minutes walk
Sleep? Of them
Penthouse apartment anyone? Bath is the perfect combination of city and culture, with quaint little streets and plenty of historic sites to visit. From the top floor you will have stunning views over the rooftops of Bath, where you can relax with a prosecco in hand.

Malvern Hills - Beautiful apartment in the trees with a view

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Where? Malvern Hills
By train or bus? Form
Distance from the station? Five minutes walk
Sleep? Eight
If you love the pub and are looking for a country getaway, the Malvern Hills might be the ticket for you. There are plenty of hiking guides online and you won’t get too immersed in the countryside, going out for dinner is out of the question.

Seaside Cottage with panoramic sea view.

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Where? Bornemouth
By train or bus? Form
Distance from the station? 20 minute walk
Sleep? Six
Just because you’re traveling by train doesn’t mean you have to give up your dreams of a seaside cottage. Bournemouth is the classic quaint seaside town, and this light and airy house gives us major Mamma Mia vibes – c it is also just minutes from the ocean.

Goodramgate Apartments

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Where? York
By train or bus? Form
Distance from the station? 15 minutes walk
Sleep? Six
If you fancy a getaway but don’t want to be TOO far from civilization, Yorkshire city center and the nearby riverside are a fabulous place. This house is super modern and spacious, making it the perfect social hub for you and the girls.

Surf Captain

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Where? Cornwall
By train or bus? Form
Distance from the station? Five minutes walk
Sleep? Six
St. Ives is Cornwall’s gift to the UK. Its sleepy little harbor offers some of the best seafood you’ll ever taste, there are plenty of art galleries, and the beach is just a stone’s throw away. Dreamer.

Cottage Attic

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Where? Yorkshire
By train or bus? Form
Distance from the station? 30 minute walk
Sleep? Five
Let’s be honest – when imagining a getaway, this little rustic cabin is exactly what we mean. Bring your yoga mat, some good books, and a personal care kit, because this house screams Zen.

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