The Fleur Noire hotel looks set to “bloom” in Palm Springs

Each of your designs seems to be unique in its place. How do you generate your ideas? What’s your recipe for being so creative?

Sorry : I think as an artist you don’t like to repeat yourself in general. I never tried to do anything just to be different, just for the sake of being different. The buildings speak to me. I look at a building and once we decided what the concept would be, it started to sink and it all played out for itself. It’s super exciting for me. That’s what I love about my job. I was able and fortunate to create these different spaces. At the very end, when my job is done, we see other people experimenting with the building and it becomes something completely different, usually. When you see it through the eyes of visitors, it is simply amazing. That’s what inspires me to do it again and change it a bit.

Do you have other projects you are currently working on or planning?

Sorry : In fact, Corey and I, along with a few other partners, are currently building a 20-unit hotel behind Wang’s in the Desert in Palm Springs. I call it the black house. We cleared it in 2016, but only partially the market in general, then COVID delayed it. I designed it as four separate buildings that could be operated either as five-bedroom detached houses or as a 20-unit hotel. It’s really great for large groups.

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