The ‘impossible’ question on the GCSE exam that has 16-year-olds and teachers perplexed

Math students across the country have been baffled by an “impossible” exam question.

A parent, whose child tackled the Edexcel GCSE Maths article, said Manchester Evening News that even some teachers at their child’s school struggled to find the answer to the “impossible” question. A University of Manchester maths student even admitted he found it “difficult”.

Candidates were asked to determine the area of ​​the shaded part of certain circles, if all the circles have a radius of four. “A difficult question, even I had to spend time figuring out where to start,” tweeted Manchester University student Harry Surplus.

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“Sorry #EdexcelMaths but what was that last question,” one student tweeted. Another said he spent “20 minutes… just watching the last question”.

Math professor Jonathan Baker also took to Twitter to offer the right method to answer the question.

As well as leaving many teenagers perplexed, the riddle is sure to leave many in a cold sweat as they have flashbacks to their own math exams. Edexcel has been approached for comment.


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