The incredible Airbnb apartment built in an abandoned Huddersfield rail tunnel

‘The Portal’, as it is called, is based near Beaumont Park near Huddersfield and is ‘like a little slice of heaven’

A superb studio built in an old abandoned railway tunnel is available for booking on Airbnb.

‘The Portal’, as it is called, is a spacious two-story self-catering studio located at the southern entrance to the Butternab tunnel, which was previously not open to the public.

It is located near Beaumont Park in Huddersfield and, more specifically, at the back of the garden of a bungalow owned by Stephen Attmere.

The tunnel was closed in 1969 and was part of the Huddesfield to Meltham line.

Mr Attmere said: “An eccentric millionaire decided to turn the blocked south end of the tunnel into an art studio for his wife and a home theater was installed there in the 90s.

“Fast forward to December 2020, we bought the property and decided to make it more sympathetic to its history, so we got rid of the rainbow and the sticky art images. We now have decided to share it on Airbnb as a standalone studio. “

Mr Attmere added: “When we saw it we fell in love. At first we were going to turn it into a dance studio but our carpenter suggested putting it on Airbnb and we thought it made sense. .

“We are surrounded by an old growth forest. There is a 30 foot waterfall that flows into a pond. It’s like a little slice of heaven. It’s so private and peaceful.”

It is now possible to book nights to stay on Airbnb from May 1.

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