The Lamington Group sets a new benchmark in sustainability for the hospitality industry with a lifelong net zero approach

London – Lamington Group, the real estate investor and developer, has made it the industry’s primary goal to provide a net zero carbon lifespan throughout the future development and operation of its hometels. Operated by room2, hometels are a brainchild of the Lamington Group that combines the best elements of Airbnb, serviced apartments and boutique hotels in an offering designed to appeal to both business and leisure travelers alike. those looking for other forms of residential accommodation.

The ambitious goal is part of the Lamington Group’s 2030 Net Zero Carbon roadmap (“roadmap”), released today, which includes the actions required for the company to meet its 1.5 goal.oC-aligned target, set in accordance with the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi).

As the basis for the delivery of net zero carbon hotels over the entire lifecycle, the Lamington Group has developed its Net zero room2 building specification, aligned with both the principles of the London Energy Transformation Initiative and the UK GBC Whole Life Net Zero framework. The development of all future hometels will strictly adhere to the new framework, which focuses on the critical need to reduce embodied carbon throughout the design phase and achieve operational net zero throughout the lifespan of the building.

In collaboration with its partners, the measures will include the use of low-carbon construction methods and materials, the purchase of 100% renewable energy during construction and use, and specialized consultants appointed to achieve the carbon targets on each project. All unavoidable operational and intrinsic emissions will be balanced through nature-based verified carbon removal offsets to achieve a net zero carbon lifespan.

The roadmap represents the latest and most ambitious phase of the Lamington Group’s long-standing focus on sustainability and recognizes the leading role the real estate industry must play in climate change mitigation. At the same time, it is a big step forward for the hospitality industry and positions Lamington Group at the forefront of the industry’s transition to net zero.

Along with the net zero commitment of its room2 hometels, the Lamington Group has committed to achieving net zero carbon in Scopes 1 and 2 by 2030 by using science targets and by tracking and minimizing Scope emissions 3. The management team of the company has already started to develop plans for the modernization of its portfolio of apartments. This will include switching all systems to electricity so that they can be powered 100% from renewable sources and improvements in insulation and heating efficiency.

The Company has set a number of specific energy and climate targets both for its existing property portfolio of 14,000 m² and for its future developments, including:

  • Commit to only build and operate net zero hotels in the future
  • Commit to reducing absolute Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by at least 46%
  • All new keys will be fully electric and powered by renewable energy, targeting an average Unit Energy Intensity (UIE) reduction of 90 kWh / m2. year in 2021 at 50 kWh / m2.year by 2028
  • Measure, reduce and report Scope 3 emissions each year, primarily by working throughout its supply chain and reducing embedded carbon throughout the building design stages, with an embedded carbon emissions target post-construction <500 kgCO2 / m2
  • The development of green leases across the entire rental portfolio, forcing tenants to switch to 100% renewable rates by 2022
  • The room2 hometels in Hammersmith and Southampton are already running on 100% renewable energy, with the rest of the Lamington Group’s directly managed portfolio, including Missionworks’ coworking offering, to achieve this by 2023.

Lamington Group works with a range of stakeholders to adopt a variety of frameworks at the enterprise level. These include aligning with the GHG Protocol and the Science Based Climate Initiative, as well as incorporating the One Planet Living Principles, which promote ten social and environmental values, including community, local economy, zero waste and the use of sustainable materials. He will also work with guests of the Lamington Group to help them make sustainable choices through a rewards program, which will be tested in 2022.

Robert Godwin, Managing Director of Lamington Group and room2, said: “Today’s ambitious commitment to provide only lifelong net zero carbon hometels and a broader net zero carbon 2030 roadmap reflects our firm belief that the real estate industry should take the lead in change. climate to protect our planet for future generations. We are therefore urgently taking measures to both sustain our current portfolio, while offering a leading hotel product in the sector. Innovation in reducing carbon emissions will underpin our goal of delivering 5,000 hometel room2 keys by 2030. We will not compromise on style and comfort.

“Although buildings account for 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, the hospitality sector in particular has been overlooked within the real estate industry. As a dynamic company with long-term decision-making at heart, we are well positioned to set the benchmark for best practice sustainability initiatives in this space, and align with like-minded partners. ideas as we embark on our growth strategy. .

“Demonstrating tangible progress will be an integral part of our approach, and we have a number of exciting near-term milestones that will take our sustainability agenda to the next level. “

About room2

room2 is hometel’s first brand in the UK, conceived in 2015. It is the third accommodation brand launched by the Lamington Group, an independent family-owned property investment and development company founded in the 1960s and based in West London.

Created by brothers Robert and Stuart Godwin, former members of the British Olympic Development Sailing Team, the hometels combine the best elements of Airbnb, serviced apartments and boutique hotels in an offering designed to appeal to everyone. business travelers as well as vacationers and those seeking alternative forms of residential accommodation. With innovative features such as 24-hour stays as standard, a selection of mattresses and a 0-min check-in, room2’s highly flexible offering offers kitchens in every room and is available from one night to one year.

room2 currently has two operational sites, the Southampton Hometel and the Hammersmith Townhouse, both of which have performed well since opening and throughout Covid. room2 Southampton was sold to Aberdeen Standard Investments in January 2021 as part of a sale-leaseback at the height of the pandemic, supported by peak performance. room2 has an additional pipeline of live projects across the UK with a gross development value of over £ 100million, including sites in Chiswick, Belfast, Fulham and Liverpool, comprising a mix of wholly owned assets and those pre-leased to room2 by development partners.

About the Lamington Group

The Lamington Group has been established as an investor and developer of residential and commercial real estate since 1967. The group owns a family of brands, including Lamington Apartments, Lamington Lettings, Missionworks, room2 and room2 lite, and is actively seeking programs where the value can be added. through planning and development. The group is particularly focused on expanding into the extended stay sector, which is the fastest growing segment of the UK hotel industry.

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