The “Michelin guide” of shared accommodation makes 97% of hosts who apply decline – Travel Weekly

Move on Airbnb: this new platform considers itself the Michelin Guide to the world of shared accommodation.

While many choose homestay accommodation for convenience and location, British gamer Plum Guide prides itself on aesthetics and conservation.

And its verification process is one of the fiercest processes we’ve seen.

By exploring more than 150 criteria points, the platform only accepts three percent of homes that require listing.

That said, Plum Guide’s offering is significantly smaller than the average home-sharing platform, with just under 15,000 listings versus seven million for Airbnb.

But, according to its website, that’s the point.

“The choice is immense. The standard is daunting, ”the Plum Guide website says about the truck of homes listed online.

“In the past, we’ve all had to trust accommodation reviews written by complete strangers.

“Apparently Tom from Seattle ‘liked everything about it’, but Paolina from Milan thought the house was ‘dirty and stank of sewage’. Who is right? Who’s wrong ? Does Tom even exist?

After enduring too many haphazard house rentals, Plum Guide Founder and CEO Doron Meyassed has assembled a group of architects, travelers, interior designers and psychologists in an effort to decode the secret ingredients for a perfect stay.

“The science behind the Perfect Stay is an ever-evolving body of knowledge developed by analyzing thousands of guest reviews and bringing together insights from psychologists, designers, hoteliers, travelers and architects on the exact ingredients. that a space needs to provide a perfect stay, ”the company said in a statement.

“This knowledge informs the criteria for a test so rigorous that only one in 100 households is selected for inclusion in the Plum Guide collection.”

As a relatively new player, the platform is only available in 20 countries in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will show up soon so you can add convenient luxury to your clients’ national itineraries.

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