The most isolated places to stay in the world

Holidays are a great opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is especially true if you are spending the night in a very remote location away from roads and other people. From arctic cabins to island oases, reaching these secluded accommodations is an adventure in itself.

1. Traditional yurt // Khushuut, Mongolia

If you are a social person, this Mongolian yurt may not be your ideal vacation destination. The traditional circular tent is located in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, six hours from Ulgii town. But for people who don’t mind being alone, there is plenty to do. From the camp, you can hike to lakes and waterfalls, or relax in the shade of the Altai Mountains. And if you ever fancy human contact, a family of eagle hunters lives nearby.

2. Skylodge Adventure Suites // Urubamba, Peru

To escape, you sometimes have to go up. The Skylodge Adventure Suites are located in the mountains above the Sacred Valley of Peru. To get there, you have to take a 1,300-foot zipline trail or climbing route that involves cables and steel ladders. After the trip, you can enjoy the view from your transparent, hanging room built into the mountainside.

3. Port Ashton Lodge // Chenega, Alaska

Port Ashton Lodge in Prince William Sound in Alaska is only accessible by air or sea. After finding a boat, plane, or helicopter to take you there, you’ll be rewarded with your own private cabin in the pristine Alaskan wilderness. The site offers many activities the state is famous for, including kayaking, hiking, and beach combing. You can even relax in a wood-fired hot tub.

4. Himalayan Retreat // Manali, India

Nestled among the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, this comfortable Airbnb. There is no road access and the only way to get there is to walk 50 minutes on a steep mountain trail. Hiking there is its own experience, with apple orchards and waterfalls surrounding the path. While the property itself is secluded, Airbnb hosts live upstairs, so guests won’t be totally unlucky if they find they’ve left their toothpaste at the base of the mountain.

5. A private island // Cavinti, Philippines

This private island in the Philippines is a secluded slice of paradise. Located on a lake in the Sierra Madre Mountains three hours from Manila, it’s just large enough to hold a fireplace and a one-bedroom bungalow. The island is off the grid, so you’ll be totally isolated from the outside world from the moment you step off the boat.

6. Reinheim // Svalbard, Norway

It is safe to say that Svalbard is off the beaten track. The Norwegian archipelago is only several hundred kilometers from the North Pole, and it is one of the best places on Earth to experience the wilderness of the Arctic. The Lodge Reinheim was built for this purpose. Once you’ve been there on foot, on skis, or by dog ​​sled (motorized vehicles are prohibited), you can swim in the surrounding mountains and glaciers. The hut has a sauna and a wood stove capable of baking bread if you prefer indoor activities. Dogs on site keep customers company in addition to being loyal polar bear guards.

7. Homestay stay // Pitcairn Islands

The Pitcairn Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean constitute one of the most isolated places on Earth. To get there, you have to make a two-night trip from French Polynesia via a working cargo ship that operates sporadically throughout the year. If you can handle the trip, you will be accommodated in one of the 13 homes on the islands that are part of this community home stay. In Pitcairn, you can hike, swim, or meet the 50 or so permanent residents who live there.

8. Dunes Lodge // NamibRand Nature Reserve, Namibia

This lodge in southern Namibia takes you to the heart of the NamibRand Nature Reserve. The chalets are located at the top of a dune plateau with a 360 degree view of the surrounding desert. Although the accommodations are isolated, guests have access to many modern amenities, including common areas with a swimming pool, bar and wine cellar.

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