The Muck: Poker community confused by WSOP COVID-19 DQ rule

the WSOP tried to clarify its controversial rule that players can be disqualified from a wristband event if they come into close contact with someone known to have contracted COVID-19. But many on social media remain confused with politics, and some have even gone so far as to say Rule 115 will keep them on track this fall.

According to the aforementioned rule, which poker information guru Kevin “kevmath” Mathers shared on his Twitter page, staff are authorized to remove a player who is showing symptoms of COVID-19 or who is known to have been exposed to the virus.

Still so confused

The WSOP cleared some of the confusion on Friday, letting the poker world know that vaccinated players will not be removed until they show symptoms of COVID-19. Poker Twitter thanked the WSOP for clearing the air and then moved on. Or not.

“This is a complete scam for anyone who is not vaccinated. Most likely, everyone will be in close contact with someone who gets sick at some point. It is not worth the risk to say that we were in touch and we’re spending our money. Now I have to cancel my Airbnb and ignore wsop “, @btcinvestorhodl argues.

The main topic of discussion in response to rule 115 was not so much whether the WSOP should require all participants to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Instead, the discussion on Twitter poker over the past few days has more to do with how the staff will even enforce the rule, which is still a bit of a mystery.

“Dealer more likely to call patient with COVID (which is more of a nightmare for close contacts)” John heinzmann (@JohnHeinzmann) responded.

Renowned pros intervene

Matt Glantz is one of the many poker pros who still need clarification on rule 115. He tweeted: “How do you make a rule, players have to be vaccinated without setting a rule players should be vaccinated?”

DJ MacKinnon suggests that players who are withdrawn due to Rule 115 should receive an ICM chop value based on their chip stack at the time of disqualification instead of the next installment of payout. This would prevent a big stack from getting screwed completely, as he explains.

Bart hanson goes even further. He doesn’t want players to be removed from bracelet events at all unless they are caught tampering with a vaccination card. Instead, his claim is that the The WSOP rules out the possibility of such a situation happening even before the tournament begins.

“Just demand that all players be vaccinated with evidence (like uploading a vax card or streamlining evidence in an app) and be done. Everyone knows that ahead of time and it doesn’t. “There is no ambiguity. Anyone complaining if the rules are in advance,” Hanson tweeted.

We don’t know how this will all play out. Will this turn out to be a non-issue? Or, are the concerns of so many people on social media valid? This is an answer we will all find out when the The 2021 World Series of Poker begins September 30 at the Rio de Las Vegas.

Stay tuned, folks, it’s gonna be an interesting fall.

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