The NBA is back! Charlotte Hornets Media Day Highlights, Notes & Quotes

Fall is just around the corner, but that cool, crisp air you breathe as you leisurely roam At The Hive dot com has nothing to do with a drop in temperature. Optimism, positive energy and excitement of this nature can only mean one thing; the NBA is back!

League teams are hosting a preseason media day on Monday before training camps open on Tuesday. Our Charlotte Hornets started very early, announcing the training camp roster at 8:30 am and rushing straight into the interviews. Let’s review the events, will you?

A notable absence from the camp list; LiAngelo Ball. The Hornets currently have 16 guaranteed contracts on the books as well as two-way players Arnoldas Kulboka and Scottie Lewis. Add DJ Carton on a 10 exhibit and Xavier Sneed on an unsecured camp deal, and that puts Charlotte’s pre-season roster to the max of 20. Ball has played well in her Summer League role and obviously the organization likes it in some ways. , so stay tuned for more announcements as to whether he’ll be with the Greensboro Swarm.

Everyone (names will be in fat for those who would like to fly over) will have their own section of embedded tweets from the various members of the media who attended the press conferences, either in person or virtually. Congratulations to Rod Boone, Nekias Duncan, Sam Farber, Walker Mehl, Sam Perley, Steve Reed and many more for their coverage of the Hornets media day!

The first on the podium was the head coach James borrego.

Fortunately, we fixed this problem fairly early on. Vaccinated players are not a personal health / safety issue, it is a legitimate competitive advantage (or disadvantage) when playing against teams in California, New York and Toronto, and potentially more if / when d other states are implementing similar immunization mandates. It’s good to see that the Hornets are doing what they can to limit the potential of players missing games due to COVID-19 issues.

It is both interesting and relieving. One of Borrego’s biggest complaints last season was what he believed to be a lack of depth in the frontcourt, especially in the center. If he’s already feeling more comfortable with depth, that’s a good sign for each of the big guys. And then there was that …

Terry rozier Borrego followed on the podium. It is no coincidence that the newly enlarged vet led the players’ portion of the media day.

We love that kind of energy. The players are confident, the staff are confident and we the fans are pretty confident too (I think?). East is going to be very tough this year, but the Hornets look set to compete.

The management, the people. Direction! It is also great marketing for future free agents. The more players who say how great it is to play for the Charlotte Hornets, the better off the organization will be in the future.

Gordon hayward stepped onto the podium once Rozier was done and he gave some really insightful quotes.

Hayward seemed impressed with the amount of work the Hornets players put in during the offseason. Working with the team’s veterans all summer is going to give Rookies an edge that Class 2020 rookies didn’t have.

The news we’ve all been waiting for. Hayward, 31, will work with coaches and medical staff to determine a load management plan for him this season., although the exact details of the plan have yet to be worked out. Either way, it’s great to hear that Charlotte’s best player is in good health.

Young people have a lot love on media day. The Hornets are doing a terrible job of not giving us hope. If James Bouknight is an effective 3-point shooter as a rookie, he could compete for spinning minutes sooner rather than later.

Next : LaMelo ball.

He is the best. Gaining weight was Ball’s biggest development need to come in the league. It will be exciting to see how bigger and stronger he got and how that affects his defense and rim finish.

Almost everyone has mentioned team chemistry in one form or another and LaMelo seems comfortable with his position as the face of the franchise. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that connectivity and chemistry will be Charlotte’s greatest strength at the start of the season.

Bridges miles sat on the podium after the other half of AirBnB ended.

Bridges’ willingness to embrace the role given to him by the team is quite rare among highly touted lottery picks like him. If the jumps he made at the end of last season continue, it’s hard to imagine him coming off the bench, but even if PJ Washington starts, we know Bridges is going to be 100% bought.

It is clear that the total dismantling that they suffered at the hands of Indiana Pacers sitting with these guys. I can’t wait to start the 21-22 season with an opening night rematch.

PJ Washington shared a similar sentiment to Bridges about last season’s game, as well as some of the things he tried to improve over the summer

Washington also mentioned “consistency” as the key to a successful season. The second-year has struggled at times with injuries and an ever-evolving role on the team, but the third year should provide him with some stability as the roster grows with talent.

Newly acquired center feather mason compared Ball’s play to that of former Shaun Livingston Golden State Warriors Guardian. For those who remember how electric Livingston was before (and even after) his knee injury, it’s an impressive comparison.

Kelly Oubre Jr. mentioned how excited he was to start this season and that he had come to love Charlotte before. He also said his percentage drop of 3 points last year (31.6%) may be in part due to injuries he played to help the Warriors advance to the playoffs.

Beginner Kai jones already seems to be one of the funniest personalities in the NBA.

Yes, Kai. Please do so. You were born for the Dunk contest.

With Jones stating he was working on tactile shots around the rim, the two Bridges and Hayward complimented his engine. The Hornets have built a strong organizational culture and they clearly take that into account when writing.

Bouknight, Vernon Carey Jr., Cody Martin, Jalen McDaniels, Nick Richards and Ish Smith also spoke on media day, but for much shorter durations and gave fewer quotes than other players.

Of course, basketball hasn’t started yet, but Media Day is the unofficial kickoff of the NBA season and basketball is upon us. It’s nice to see the internet inundated with news that isn’t a Ben Simmons business rumor, and the unbridled excitement among NBA fans as a whole warms my sweet little heart. The Hornets’ first preseason game is exactly one week from today, October 4, against the Thunder of Oklahoma City. We are almost there!

Oh – and finally, without a doubt, the most important news we’ve received all day:

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