The Nigerian tech entrepreneur who created the Airbnb of luxury cars

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As one of the UK’s most valuable markets, car rental market doubled in 2021 to £15bn and is expected to grow over the next five years. According to data company Ibis World, the increase in short-term car rental is due to a combination of factors, including an increase in tourism, increased environmental awareness and the desire for a flexible option when it comes to car rental. of vehicles.

Like many other industries benefiting from digitalization, automotive is one that has seen significant growth online, with consumers leading more research than ever online before renting or buying a car. With a drastic increase in car leasing and a trend to digitize the industry, one entrepreneur has combined the popularity of car rental with the instant booking ease of online vacation site, Airbnb.

Offering a range of services from chauffeur-driven car rentals to luxury transfer services, founder Ikenna Ordor has created an Airbnb-style service for guests looking for reliable short-term transportation options.

The main aim is to provide the best possible service from the moment a user visits the Starr Luxury website, providing users with a fast online booking process that connects them to the largest fleet of supercars in the UK , including names such as Ferrari, Aston Martin and Bentley. .

Since its launch, Starr Luxury Cars has proven that demand for luxury car hire in the UK is alive and well, having doubled its online growth by 100% year-on-year. The easy-to-use online journey allows users to choose a car by brand or type, and deliver it to an address the next day.

Growing up in Nigeria, Ordor was inspired by his tenacious and hardworking mother and describes how he fell into entrepreneurship while studying at the University of Birmingham. Speaking to Forbes magazine, Ordor shared “I found myself in entrepreneurship almost by mistake when I decided to organize an event one evening with only a few friends. I liked the idea that we could create so much profit overnight doing something we love. Shortly after graduating, Ordor started his own entertainment business and quickly began to spot car rental demand among customers as more and more people asked him to arrange transportation options. luxury. Boasting seamless end-to-end service for premium customers, Ordor wanted to create an experience where someone could reserve a supercar at 9 p.m. and have it delivered the next morning.

Having identified a gap in the market almost by accident, Ordor demonstrated a clear understanding of what makes a service reliable and trustworthy. As a direct result, Ordor has also seen its business reach new heights online.

Customers using Starr Luxury Cars include corporate professionals, families vacationing in the UK, film industry professionals and couples on their wedding day. The rapid success Starr Luxury Cars has enjoyed so far is an indication that more and more people are choosing to adapt to the changing tax landscape, abandoning traditional ideas of owning a high-end asset for the choice of many.

Also offering a wide selection of luxury electric car rental options, the prestigious car rental company also recognizes the need to respond to climate change as an industry. Starr Luxury Cars is responding by actively encouraging its fleet partners to promote electric vehicles, stocking only the most efficient electric cars available on the market such as Tesla, Jaguar and Audi.

Although the company has so far focused on car rentals and chauffeured experiences, the sky is literally the limit for Starr Luxury Car, which plans to expand into offering private helicopter flights as well as a application that would propel the company into international territory. Ordor’s vision is to be able to provide users with their favorite car in other cities around the world and has already hinted at the expansion its premium car rental service in Nigeria.

For now, ensuring that every customer who engages with Starr Luxury Cars has the best possible experience is Ordor’s number one goal and one that has kept his ever-expanding business from finding success at every stage. . With Starr Luxury Cars now present in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami to name a few new spots, it’s impossible not to see continued growth for this enthusiastic entrepreneur.

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