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What does the PBA say about it?

For years, the Police Benevolent Association guided the approval choices of law enforcement unions in Nassau County and also influenced the choice of the CSEA.

The Patrollers Union, with more members than the senior officers, the Detective and Correctional Unions, and more money and public support than the CSEA, generally leads the way.

But while the Superior Officers Association and Detectives Association announced support for Democratic County Director Laura Curran on Monday, the PBA, amid a chaotic struggle for leadership, is not talking about a choice.

To anyone.

Republican county executive candidate Bruce Blakeman told The Point on Monday that while he screened the PBA and it went “very well,” he hadn’t heard who the unit was. would support, if appropriate.

Curran’s team also says they have projected but have no idea what the PBA will do.

Former President James McDermott, who retired on September 1, said he was staying on the sidelines. Most, if not all, of McDermott’s board of directors have retired or are expected to retire soon, including longtime politician 1st Vice President Pete Paterson, and their phones are also going on voicemail. vocal.

And the new president Michael Spadaccini does not speak, in particular because the election which he has just won to replace McDermott until January will be resumed in November and the members of the PBA are destabilized. They work without a contract, having voted against the one McDermott negotiated last year.

The SOA and the Detectives Association signed new agreements with Curran and have now approved it. The Correction Officers Benevolent Association and the CSEA, just like the PBA, have not done so either.

Like the PBA, CSEA President Ron Gurrieri and COBA President Brian Sullivan told The Point on Monday that they were still deciding whether to approve and who.

Unlike the COBA and CSEA, the PBA may think that approving Blakeman will not be productive and approving the much-favored Curran, when their members have already rejected her contract offer, will not be popular.

– Track filler @lanefiller

Subject of discussion

Searching for Long Island Headquarters locations on Google

The Long Island Association is made up of thousands of businesses, large and small, in industries ranging from banking to real estate to technology.

But recently, a few well-known names have pledged to join the ranks of members of the region’s largest chamber of commerce. Amazon and Google have both joined the LIA in recent months, and Facebook has also pledged to become a member, according to LIA chief executive Matt Cohen.

Cohen noted that he wanted to involve these tech giants in part because of Long Island’s need to focus on tech industries, and in part because of what these companies can do to help small businesses based. here. He noted that the LIA also received a $ 10,000 grant from Google to support the association’s small business efforts.

But getting these behemoths into the LIA isn’t enough for Cohen.

Last week, he wrote to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and CFO Ruth Porat, after the company announced plans to buy the St. John’s terminal in western Manhattan.

“We are delighted that Google is investing in the world’s largest city and urge you to consider a hub and spoke model with campuses in the world’s largest suburb – Long Island – as you continue to grow,” wrote Cohen.

Cohen told The Point he had no specific location in mind when he suggested Google add offices in Nassau or Suffolk counties. But he noted that some Google employees already live on the island and that the region is building an “innovation economy” of which Google could be a part.

“If Long Island could house a Google campus, it would help put our area on the map,” Cohen said. “It’s such a shame that Amazon didn’t locate its second headquarters in Long Island City and we need to show major employers and high tech companies that they are welcome here on Long Island.”

Of course, with their new subscriptions, Google – along with Amazon and Facebook – can also travel to Long Island for future LIA events. Perhaps Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon Executive Chairman Jeff Bezos will join in on future LIA breakfasts at Crest Hollow Country Club – or even the association’s virtual lunch of the month. next.

– Randi F. Marshall @RandiMarshall

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Cry baby

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Quick points

Everyone is looking for something

  • As Rome is inundated with wild boars searching for food on the streets of its suburbs, new rules allow selective hunting. Some officials are calling for more killings while animal rights groups oppose mass slaughter. On Long Island, we call it the deer problem.
  • Republicans refuse to join Democrats in raising the debt ceiling, normally a bipartisan business, and have made it an effective talking point for them about irresponsible, spendthrift liberals. Republicans have beaten Democrats on posts every time.
  • Idaho mortuaries run out of space as COVID-19 deaths rise. Idaho has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. Draw your own conclusions.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Rochelle Walensky said “we don’t necessarily have the answer yet” on annual COVID-19 vaccine boosters. Which is just the last thing the CDC doesn’t necessarily have the answer to yet.
  • Pfizer chief executive Albert Bourla said the CDC’s decision to approve booster shots for older Americans and frontline workers was “very good.” With Pfizer expected to generate $ 26 billion in boosters sales next year, what else would he say.
  • Senator Chuck Schumer applauded at Tony Awards as Broadway elite, one of New York’s most liberal groups, thanked him for guiding performing arts aid in pandemic legislation . The sound you heard after the applause died down was the door closing on any main challenge.
  • Some people have rented vans in Manhattan as Airbnb lodgings. Well, they’re not much smaller than some studios and certainly cheaper, and how about all those windows!

– Michael Dobie @mwdobie

Enigma point

In the news – the answers

Here are the answers to Friday’s news quiz. The first letter of each response spells out the name of a world leader whose relationship with President Joe Biden was underwater.

EDDIE MURPHY: Comedy icon bred by Roosevelt who signed a three-movie deal with Amazon Studios.

MODERNA: Pharmaceutical company that started a vaccine booster trial on Long Island.

MARY TRUMP: A family member sued by former President Donald Trump for an “insidious plot” to release his tax records.

AMTRAK: Rail Service British Prime Minister Boris Johnson traveled from New York to Washington to meet with President Joe Biden.

NORTHROP GRUMMAN: LI’s signature company that agreed to a plan to clean up the groundwater plume it created at Bethpage.

UNITED: Airline which said more than 97% of its employees are vaccinated as the deadline approaches to get vaxxed or fired.

EVERGRANDE: Massive Chinese real estate company whose potential demise could shock the global economy.

LAVA: An island off Spain was threatened by this after a volcanic eruption.

MELVIN VAN PEEBLES: deceased filmmaker, known as the godfather of modern black cinema.

AUSTRALIA: country whose agreement with the United States for the construction of nuclear-powered submarines aims to constrain China.

CALVERTON: community of Riverhead in which LI’s largest solar farm will be built.

ROALD DAHL: British author of children’s books whose catalog (including a chocolate volume) was purchased by Netflix.

OFFICE SPACE: Google plans to buy $ 2.1 billion worth of it for its employees in West Manhattan.

NANCY PELOSI: The leader of Congress leading two infrastructure bills who said, “I think we’re in a very good position… At the end of the day, we’ll be united for the American people.

– Michael Dobie @mwdobie

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