The pretty Leeds farm shop with delicious fresh meat, alpaca and a biting pig

There are plenty of farm shops to choose from in and around Leeds – but there are none like None Go Bye Farm, the farm shop which is famous for its “very delicious” food and animals. renowned barnyards.

Whether you fancy fishing, picnicking in a picturesque setting, petting animals or picking up a selection of meats and treats, the family farm shop has it all – and you have a great day out. .

The farm shop, which is conveniently located on Oatley Road in Horsforth, Leeds, has earned a reputation for offering quality meat at a decent price and a place to go for a day out with the family, if you fancy it. to feed animals.

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The farm is home to a range of animals, including dogs, goats, geese, donkeys, chickens, and a pig – and customers can purchase animal feed inside the farm store.

Satisfied customers have taken to TripAdvisor to rave about their experience – and overall the farm has a rating of four out of five, with many complimenting the food on offer in the store.

There have been, however, a few less flattering reviews from customers who have had a less than desirable encounter with some of the barnyard animals.

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A customer claimed he was “bitten” by the pig and unfortunately his diamond ring had to be removed the next day because the puncture wound was not healed.

In the review, she wrote: “While the animals are adorable and I don’t want to create any problems, I think it’s important that signs are placed around the pig.”

Another person noted that their children were less than impressed with the chickens.

They wrote, “Some chickens are very cheeky and can scare children off foraging, but some behave well. “

However, one satisfied customer praised the animals on the farm.

The customer said: “On this farm you can feed animals such as alpacas, pigs, chickens and many more.

The farm has a lot of animals to pet

“Most farms will not allow the public to feed their animals, which is what makes this particular place unique.”

Others were equally impressed with all that was offered on the farm for such a small cost.

They said, “A very reasonably priced activity that appeals to young children. £ 1 entry fee per child with a bag of animal feed or birdseed included and £ 1 for adults.

“Range of animals llamas, pigs, goats, sheep, donkeys, cows, etc. Small area but loved by my children. ”

Another satisfied customer took advantage of the fishing facilities on the farm site.

“Fishing for the first time here and [definitely] visit a lovely, well-kept place again and many diverse fish highly recommend it to be suitable for all fishing experiences, ”they said.

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Some happy grandparents also said it was the perfect place to take their granddaughter for a day – and said they would be back.

“My husband and I took our [four-year-old] granddaughter who loved all animals and we bought different bags of food so we could feed them, ”she said.

“It was a beautiful day and there is a small fenced area with picnic tables which was useful for our little one to rest and have a snack.

“The store has sold a wonderful range of huge cakes and cookies which are very delicious.”

They concluded: “We will be back.”

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