the registration number becomes mandatory in Paris

By the end of 2021, guest registration will apply to several major French cities.

Parisian owners wishing to rent on Airbnb must, from July 1, enter the registration number obtained from the town hall, the Californian platform indicated in a press release.

This measure is part of the Airbnb commitments “for responsible tourism” taken in February from Emmanuelle Wargon, Minister of Housing. In addition, the authorities of the City of Paris will wait access to the Airbnb portal for cities “In order to facilitate their mission of monitoring compliance with local regulations,” the statement continued.

Bordeaux in July, Lyon in September

In 2020, more than 95% of entire homes available on Airbnb in the capital were rented for less than 120 nights, the company assures us. “The vast majority of nights booked in entire Parisian accommodation were in registered accommodation, or which benefited from an exemption from registration,” she continues.

By the end of 2021, mandatory guest registration will apply to other major French cities: Bordeaux on July 30 and Lyon on September 30, followed by Lille, Marseille, Nantes, Nice, Strasbourg and Toulouse.

Paris obtains the conviction of Airbnb

Ironically, the City of Paris obtained Thursday the conviction of Airbnb to a fine of more than 8 million euros for having reached since 2017 advertisements without the mandatory registration number. A judgment revealed the very day the platform announces that this number will be compulsory for all its Parisian announcements …

In fact, the Paris judicial court sentenced the company Airbnb Ireland to a civil fine of 8,000 euros per advertisement published without a declaration number – the town hall identified 1,010 – for “failure to comply with the obligations of the tourism code”, explains- he in the judgment consulted by AFP.

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