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Proposals to regulate Airbnbs and other short rentals in part of the UK should be changed, according to a professional body.

Currently, the Scottish government’s proposals for short rentals allow Airbnbs to operate outside so-called ‘control zones’.

But the UK Short Term Accommodation Association wants regulations to recognize an apparent difference between amateur and commercial short term rentals.

In a statement, the association said: “STAA fears that the typology of colocation, house rental and secondary rental used will leave thousands of legitimate second homes vulnerable to capture in the new short-term rental control areas. term. He argues that many people across Scotland will have second homes for a variety of legitimate reasons and will never be able to rent these homes on the long-term rental market as they live there for part of the year.

“Therefore, removing them from the short-term rental market will not significantly help reduce the pressure on housing in some parts of the country. On the contrary, it will mean more empty houses over the course of the year, the complete opposite of what the Scottish government wants to achieve.

“The STAA suggests moving towards a system that distinguishes between hobbyist and commercial activity, using the existing non-domestic rate system as a threshold, where properties eligible for non-domestic rates would be subject to planning checks in part of a short-term rental control, and those paying housing tax would not, whether it is a primary residence or a secondary residence.

“The advantage of this system is that it will impose controls on real businesses and will not penalize second home owners who otherwise would not rent their properties in the long-term rental market. “

STAA also wants the Scottish government to automatically license existing short-term rental companies to continue on condition that they comply with mandatory safety standards and pay a fee.

The association also wants the Scottish government to adopt a zone-by-zone approach to controlling zones. He is upset that Edinburgh council is proposing to designate the entire city for a zone of control.

The STAA claims that short-term rentals make up a very small proportion of the total building stock in the outer parts of Edinburgh with few complaints of antisocial behavior regarding short-term rentals over the past five years.

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