The taxi driver “celebrates” the removal of cycle lanes – by passing close to a cyclist; The council was lambasted for destroying the cycle lane, so cars could park in the path; “If cyclists really need a safe space, a painted lane would suffice”; “Cycle freaks” planned and more on the live blog

A few “tips and bike paths” promos to kick off today’s live blog…

First, we’re heading to sunny Edinburgh – no, it’s not a Fringe story, don’t worry – where City Council earlier this summer launched a public consultation on new proposals to improve walking, rolling and cyclingas well as public transport links, parks and public spaces around the housing estates of Leith, Lochend and Easter Road, Queensferry and Burdiehouse.

Proposed measures include the installation of separate cycle lanes and improved crossings in the Burdiehouse area, as well as widening of the carriageway, lowered curbs and improvements to the creation of spaces.

This all sounds good, right? Right…?

Well, Edinburgh Morning Mews – the parody Twitter page that has spent the last few months ridiculing the real Edinburgh Evening News ‘war on motorists’ account – collected some of the very real responses to the council’s consultation.

While one resident replied simply, clearly and succinctly, “I object to everything”, some of the other comments – particularly regarding the cycling-related aspects of the proposals – were particularly insightful:

Hard to believe this isn’t a parody…

Also, couldn’t someone think of poor motorists (and dogs)?

Some of the alternate suggestions weren’t, uh, particularly well thought out:

Gordon Struth summed it up perfectly:

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