The Texas Geodome offers breathtaking views of Lake Travis

If you want to experience the perfect blend of breathtaking architecture and stunning nature, you have to stay at Texas Geodome for your next vacation!

Run by owners Daniel and Anne Nguyen, the Texas Geodome is located on Lake Travis in Volente, Texas, and it’s the perfect vacation. residence for tenants wishing to recharge their batteries in a unique space nestled in a vast natural setting.

Built in the 90s, the 5 bedrooms residence has a large opening kitchen which customers will notice immediately upon entering the second level. “One of the things we really love about it kitchen is this big peninsula,” Daniel says, pointing to the huge kitchen island in the center of the room. “You can to cook and have conversations with your friends and family. Anne points to other kitchen highlights, including a rare retro fridge and a spacious sink.

The tour continues with the spacious dining room, which features a custom-built 8-foot dining table and James Bond-themed décor barencouraging guests to pour themselves a martini (shaken, not stirred of course). Daniel also highlights the floor-to-ceiling fireplace, which he says is “one of the centerpieces of the house.”

The connecting lounge sports a convenient TV setup with plenty of seating areas, the highlight being a very welcoming leather sofa. “Be careful, if you lie down on it, you will take a siesta», promises Daniel Aware. All in all, the living room is the perfect balance between modern and comfortable!

The third level of the house has a smaller bedroom with incredible views, as well as the master bedroom which has a uniquely shaped massive window directly behind the bed. “In the morning, you wake up and the sun shines on your face,” says Anne In The Know. “And then you can have a great start to the day.” The master bathroom has a large double sink, walk-in shower and full size tub. “People like to come here, turn on the mood light, soak for a few hours, listen to music, relax and disconnect,” says Daniel.

Climbing the stairs to the fourth level, Daniel and Anne reveal the room that surprises guests the most: an observation deck! “It’s like the tower that sits on top of the dome,” says Daniel. The deck offers 360 degree views of Lake Travis and the endless treetops. “You can go up here and disconnect from everything that’s going on down there if you want a quiet place to coldness“says Daniel In The Know.

Finally, Daniel and Anne go down to the ground floor of the house, where the owners opt for a “speakeasy” atmosphere, with dark walls and low ceilings. According to Daniel, this is another perfect piece to play board gameswatching TV or just hanging out with friends and family.

Overall, Daniel and Anne want to make sure they provide a “one-of-a-kind experience” for their guests who rent their homes on Airbnb. From the visit, it is clear that the owners achieve their goal!

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