The work diary of a film director

6:00 p.m. Finish at a reasonable time tonight. Jess meets a friend for a frosty outdoor dinner at Meadowsweet, and I fully plan on having a beer, shutting my brain, and watching TV in my home theater.

8 p.m. Watched “American Utopia” by David Byrne; unsurprisingly, it was awesome. Next comes “The History of Swearwords”. Nicolas Cage is doing wonderfully well, but the editing is a bit scattered.

9:30 a.m. I slept too much, I’m in real pain, and I’m not going to train this morning. Jess’s eye hurts a lot, and it looks a lot like when I had a scratched cornea in college. I’ll get her remedies and an eye patch. She’s excited for a light pirate cosplay, at least.

10:30 Three different episodes are due for sponsorship review on Monday, so I have an absolutely monstrous amount of editing to do. But I also have almost consecutive conference calls until 3 p.m. I’ll scream what I can between calls, but I have to take care of my sweet Cyclops upstairs when I can.

2:00 p.m. I crack my fingers, update (video editing software) Premiere and dig. Fun fact: I’m currently editing some leftover fried rice footage that I eat for lunch. Is this a fun fact? Well that’s fun for me. So ends the brown rice saga.

4:30 p.m. I am receiving and testing new samples of my next range of cookware. These are carbon steel pans, which I’m nervous to pitch as an alternative to nonstick, but once you get a little practice, they become your lifelong friends.

8 p.m. After a great uninterrupted productivity, the three episodes are assembled, the music is inserted and a voice-over is recorded. I really wanted them to be finalized before the weekend, but there is still over eight hours of voiceover work to be done. I’m going to take a dinner break with my better half, then see if I have any juice left to continue.

9:00 p.m. No! I’m full of Thai take out, had two mojitos, my voice is pulled from all the conference calls and it’s Friday. It’s time to do what young lovers do: watch a pulpy murder drama. We settle into “The Undoing,” snuggled under our weighted duvet (yes, sure we have one, we’re stressful millennials from Brooklyn) and watch Nicole Kidman continue her long career of crushing it. Before we pass out, I realize that “WandaVision” has just been released, and I slap myself to wake up so I can pay attention. I’m glad I do, as Wanda describes an overtly 1950s four-course meal, which I’m excited to add to the “Binging” list of ideas!

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