The world’s best scientists land in Gibraltar to study bird migration between Africa and Europe

SCIENTISTS from around the world plan to study bird migration between Europe and Africa via Gibraltar at an annual conference held on the Rock.

The Calpe 2022 Conference from September 22-24 focuses on a book written fifty years ago by Oxford scientist Reginald Moreau entitled “The Migration Systems of Palearctic and African Birds”.

Now in his 26’se edition, the conference will examine how “developments in the fields of genetics, biochemistry and monitoring techniques” have affected the study of migratory birds in the region, the Gibraltar government’s environment department said in a statement.

The subject is leading an exciting program for the University of Gibraltar event.

It followed the launch of a Euro-African migration observation network on the Rock.

Led by Environment Minister John Cortes, himself an avid birdwatcher, the network brings together the best local and international experts on the subject and coincides with the 50e anniversary of Moreau’s book.

A new book to take stock of the discoveries of Moreau’s work 50 years ago is coming out

“The importance of Gibraltar’s location in the bird migration system is indisputable, and the contribution to the knowledge accumulated here over decades is extremely significant,” Cortes said in the statement.

“Research continues from the Rock, and it is fitting that with this year’s Calpe conference, Gibraltar celebrates the anniversary of a book that has contributed so much to understanding the phenomenon of migration.

Cortes noted his interest in the subject by contributing background to the book.

“Birdwatchers based in Gibraltar will no doubt benefit and enjoy listening to world-renowned experts on the subject speak and discuss where migration occurs,” added the Minister.

A new book entitled ‘Bird Migration between Europe and Africa’, written by Geraldine, Stewart and Clive Finlayson, will be launched at this year’s Calpe Conference.


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