The world’s only dried meat store opens in Dubai

The world’s only “dry-aged meat shop” has opened in Dubai. The concept store breathes new life into the traditional butcher shop. Carefully selected dry-aged primary cuts are displayed in a state-of-the-art glass cooler. They include beef, lamb, duck, deer and ouzi camel, dry aged from 28 days to over 100 days.

The shop is the result of Mirco Beutler, known as ‘L’Ager sec Guy ‘. Hospitality professional with over 12 years of international and regional catering experience, Mirco describes its dry aging refrigerators as “laboratories”.

“In the first 14 days of the dry aging process, what happens is that muscle tissue is destroyed because muscle is 70% water. So what happens is that. is that the product loses moisture and becomes smaller … and much softer, ”Mr Beutler told Euronews.

Mirco opened the store amid the global Covid pandemic. He said it worked in his favor, as meat lovers who demanded quality meat in restaurants saw them buy his cuts to cook at home.

“The restaurants were closed, the steakhouses were closed. The demand of the people, that of the connoisseurs is always the same ”, he declared.

A notable feature of the store is “The Tasting Room”, where customers can taste their selections before purchasing and be advised on the suggested cooking method and temperature for each cup.

Prices range from 70 Euro per kilo of Angus MS 3-4 to 500 Euro per kilo of exclusive cuts including 9+ Wagyu or even A5 Japanese which are rarely available for sale.

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