The year of Waze in rear view

Fun Facts & Behaviors: 45% of Canadians sang their favorite song while driving and 41% of Canadians did not plan to travel during the holiday season.

TORONTO, December 07, 2021– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Have you ever wondered what types of places Canadians visited the most in 2021 or what was the soundtrack of this year’s route? Waze answered these questions and more in his first “Year in rear view” survey, which is launched today. Using proprietary and third-party data, Waze looks back on our year of traveling to see the places we’ve driven the most, the music that kept us entertained, and the original driving habits we all shared in 2021.

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Waze’s year 2021 in rear view (Graphic: Business Wire)

Waze interviewed people in Canada, US, UK, France, Italy, Israel, Brazil and Mexico about their driving behaviors, favorite forms of entertainment, fun facts and aspirations, and what they’ve been through on the road this year. After a year where most of us have stayed close to home, 2021 has opened up new opportunities to hit the road and get back to traveling.

Results of the year 2021 in rear view

Driving behavior: What unusual behaviors, trends or habits have drivers exhibited in 2021?

  • 70% of Canadians said shopping was the main reason they drove this year, with family visits (48%), visits to friends (37%) and commuting (36%) being the most common reasons. other main reasons for getting in the car

  • Residences and restaurants were the main forms of navigation for Canadians in 2021

  • 52% of Canadian drivers would wait patiently instead of using their horn if someone in front of them was not moving. 60% of those in the Atlantic region would wait compared to 48% in central Canada

  • 66% of Canadian respondents are happy drivers, rating themselves 8 or higher (out of 10) compared to 60% globally

  • Older Canadians are more confident of parallel parking: while 38% of 18 to 24 year olds refused to parallel park in 2021, only 3% of those 65 and over refused

  • Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits” was the song of 2021 that best reflected the Canadiens’ year on the road (15%)

Entertainment: What has kept drivers entertained this year?

  • Canadian artists topped the charts: Globally, the top five song pilots listened to through the Spotify integration on Waze include “STAY” by The Kid LAROI with Justin Bieber (# 1) and “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd (# 5)

  • Sweets and candies were drivers’ favorite snacks around the world, except in Canada and the United States where drivers prefer fast food

  • Listening to music was the main way Canadian drivers had fun while driving (82%), as were the 76% of global respondents who did the same

  • When asked what they do while driving in 2021, Canadians showed regional differences:

    • 45% said they sang to their favorite song, but this number was higher in the Prairies at 54% and lower in central Canada at 40%

    • 36% said they waved to another driver, but drivers in the Prairies were the friendliest with 48% waving, while only 29% of drivers in central Canada waved

Driving dreams: What were drivers’ wish lists for their favorite cars, passengers, or driving aspirations?

  • James Bond’s Aston Martin (40%) was the car of choice for Canadian drivers, followed by Batman’s Batmobile (24%)

  • Globally, Jennifer Lopez and Elon Musk are the top female and male celebrities who have made headlines that drivers would most like to have in their passenger seats, while in Canada, Adele has taken top honors.

  • 32% of Canadians would give up alcohol for a year in exchange for not being trafficked, while only 5% would give up their phone

Local navigation in Canada:

  • Between January 1 and November 2, 2021, August saw the largest increase in driving nationwide (+ 70%) compared to pre-COVID figures

  1. Toronto

  2. Montreal

  3. Mississauga, Ont.

  4. Laval, Que.

  5. Vaughan, Ont.

  6. Ottawa

  7. Brampton, Ont.

  8. Hamilton, Ont.

  9. Longueuil, Que.

  10. Quebec city

  1. No (41%)

  2. Yes, in another city / outside my region (24%)

  3. Yes, in my city / region (16%)

  4. I don’t know yet (15%)

  5. Yes, to another country (9%)

“The first year in rear view of Waze gives us the opportunity to capture insight into driving behaviors in Canada and help us better understand driving trends in 2021, a year when many of us have returned to traveling. on the road, ”said Mike Wilson, Canada Country. Manager, Waze. “We learned that Canadians have shown a preference for the beautiful scenery, as most drivers have taken to the road visiting family and shopping over the past year. We look forward to seeing how Canadians hit the road in 2022 – a year we anticipate will see even more drivers on the road. “

Additional travel and COVID-19 data over the past year is available at

** Research conducted by OnePoll between 10/27/2021 and 9/11/2021 on a sample of 11,000 adults in Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, France, Italy, Mexico and Israel . OnePoll is a member of ESOMAR and employs members of the MRS.

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