There are ‘no exceptions’ to the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act

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US rethinks Chinese tariffs on Taiwan: sources

STORY: After months of deliberation on how to ease Trump-era tariffs, in order to curb soaring inflation, the United States is now recalibrating its thinking in light of the war games of the China around Taiwan. This is according to sources familiar with the matter. With November’s midterm elections looming and the threat of losing one or both houses of Congress to Republicans, easing inflation would be a major notch on Democratic President Joe Biden’s belt. For months, the Biden administration has considered lifting tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods. They also considered launching an investigation into other Chinese imports that could potentially result in additional tariffs. But sources say Biden will now put all those options aside — for now. This is after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last week led to days of Chinese military exercises around the self-governing island, which China claims as its own – including launches of ballistic missiles and simulated attacks. In light of Beijing’s response, Washington is treading carefully. He is keen not to do anything that could be seen by China as escalation. He also wants to avoid being perceived as recoiling from the aggression of the communist country. The White House said Biden has not made a decision on the tariff issue and all options remain on the table.

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