There is more to Croatia than Plitvice Lakes, and these places are just as beautiful

Croatia is more than Plitvice Lakes, and the surrounding area is home to many of the best sights in the country.

Croatia is a small country with an important history and a lot to see. Many people think of Plitvice Lakes (plit-VEE-chay) when they think of Croatia, and this monument is breathtakingly beautiful. But in all fairness, it’s hard to find a place in Croatia that isn’t beautiful! Here is a guide to spaces and places in Croatia. We’ll also give you some tips and tricks for planning a visit. Tourism started to explode for this country around 2012, possibly following its accession to the EU. There is a defined “tourist season” for visiting this picturesque place on the Adriatic Sea.

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8 Blue cave on the island of Bisevo

One of the most popular tourist activities in Croatia, this guided boat trip through the deep blue cave system on the island of Bisevo is an unforgettable experience. The radiant blue hue comes from the sun reflecting off the white sea background where it pours into the cave through an opening.

7 Rent a boat

Instead, would you forgo guides and explore Croatia’s waterways on your own? A website called Sailo allows you to choose your boat and the time of rental. You can select rentals from a quarter day to daily or weekly rentals. Sailo is a peer-to-peer style service (like Airbnb) and includes photos and specs of every boat rental available along the coast.

6 Attend yacht week

For the party-goers, the annual Yacht Week in Croatia is a scene not to be missed! Approximately $ 4000 gives you a complete yacht with skipper, speakers, professional photographer and access to exclusive events. You’ll spend your days in style – and you’ll have the photos to prove it!

For those who like the idea of ​​a flotilla but are looking for a quieter time, check out Sail Week. Same idea, but maybe not as strong and watered. Sail week is also cheaper (typically less than $ 1,000) and more focused on active adventure than spending the days lounging or sleeping the night before.

5 Visit the Old Town of Dubrovnik

You can’t beat this coastal town for some activity on dry land. Dubrovnik’s history dates back to the 7th century and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Museums, fortresses, winding alleys, wonderful restaurants and breathtaking views in this city. Stone walls built somewhere between the 12th and 17th centuries surround the old town, and you can get up and walk through them! Bastions and towers are also visible up there.

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4 Explore the lavender fields in Hvar

As stunningly beautiful as the blue of the blue caves of Bisevo, the lavender fields of the island of Hvar are unmatched. One of the world’s leading lavender exporters, Hvar isn’t the only place to find lavender (it grows along the coast), but it is the most abundant source of this fragrant and relaxing plant. July and August are the best months to see lavender at its peak.

3 Visit the Palace of Emperor Diocletian in Split

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site is the Palace of Roman Emperor Diocletian. Built in the 4th century, it is the only ruin where people still live. Hotels, shops, bars, cafes and entertainment are all contained within the walls of the palace. It is a popular attraction in Split, and there are many licensed guides available for tours.

2 Relax on the beach

Whatever activities you choose during your Croatian adventure, make enough room in your schedule to spend time at the beach. Croatia’s beaches are among the best in the world. They can get populated during the tourist season, but the crystal-clear water, white sands, and views of quaint towns and rock formations only add to the ambience of your trip.

1 Visit Krka National Park

Krka National Park makes an enjoyable excursion to see some of Croatia’s beautiful forests. There is plenty to do in Krka Park, including trails, tours, presentations, a museum, and souvenir shops. The restaurants in the park allow you to make it a day and enjoy all that the park has to offer. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe, Skradinski buk, is located there. The park also has many other waterfalls. There is an island inside the park called Visovac, which is home to the 15th century Visovac Monastery. Visovac can be reached by boat from Skralinksi buk. There are transport routes from Split, Omis and Makarska, which can help you organize a day trip to the park.

Believe it or not, this is just a short list of things to do and see in Croatia. The country is less than half the size of Florida, which makes the concentrated history and geological diversity simply astounding!

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